What is meant by Familiarity breeds contempt?

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What it basically means is that the more one knows about someone, the more one notices that person's negative traits and realizes that person may not be as nice as previously thought.
When we get to know something very well, we cease noticing its good qualities and take those for granted, while emphasising the bad traits in it. We build contempt for it as we feel it is not as good as it was or should be.

If you are referring to the Shakespeare quote...the phrase has been taken out of context (or actually has been misquoted). It was spoken from a character about men she may be forced to marry. referring to a particular man, she was saying that if there is no love in the beginning, time may change that and love may develop as you get to know each other (become familiar with each other). but in her particular case with the man she was speaking about, she hoped that if she were to marry him, that familiarity would breed more contempt.
It has to be looked at as a part of the whole story (a comedy) and what it means to the character and the story. She doesn't like him and jokes that she hopes familiarity will breed contempt instead of love. But you have to be involved in the story to know the story's meaning and all of it's jokes and sarcasms.

But I also agree that the term is used to refer to how you may not like people once you get really familiar with them. You may see sides of their characters that you did not see before which you do not like. If the person is an authority figure, you may see how they are just like you and resent that they have authority-- or you may see other sides of them and thus breed contempt instead of respect. If you ask me, familiarity is a good thing and can provide comfort and stability. I think that is why people always ask what this quote means. familiarity breeds contempt OR love and admiration-- it just depends on whom or what you get familiar with and how YOU feel about it.

Another interpretation of contempt is that as you become more familiar with someone, you start taking liberties in how you interact with them... less polite, less gracious, more teasing, more rude because you can impose on the familiarity, the friendship, in those ways... ways in which you would not immediately interact with a stranger, until you become more familiar with them.
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Where does the idiom familiarity breeds contempt originate?

The earliest allusion to this idiom (that I can find) is Aesop's Fable about the Fox and the Lion... I'm also curious to know if it originated earlier. In Latin, the phrase is 'Cotidiana Valescunt' though I have no idea if it was a colloquial saying in Roman times.

What is contempt?

willful disobedience to or open disrespect for the rules or orders of a court (contempt of court) or legislative body

What is contempt of court?

Contempt of court is a tool for a judge to force compliance withthe judge's wish.

Who said Familiarity breeds contempt?

Aesop. Mark Twain added 'and children' to it. Aesop said- Familiarity breeds contempt. Mark Twain made it a little lighter by saying- Familiarity breeds contempt and children.

What does familiar mean?

The word familiar is an adjective that implies a relationship, close or otherwise, due to long or close association. Definitions of "a familiar" A familiar is a supernatural spirit in the form of an animal that is supposed to attend a witch, sorcerer, or necromancer, for example that may take ( Full Answer )

What does contempt mean?

Contempt is the belief that a person or a thing is beneathconsideration, worthless or deserving scorn. The commonwealth ofbeing despised, dishonored and shamed. The legal term means that a person has not suitably responded to anorder of a court, or to an order of the legislature, and is beingcharged ( Full Answer )

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Contempt of court if contempt is stopped can it be stopped?

Yes. Contempt of court is a tool for a judge to force compliance with the judge's wish. Generally once you do what the judge wants, the contempt charge will be dismissed.. Incidentally, in many states Contempt of Court is the only crime with no maximum penalty. You can spend the rest of your life i ( Full Answer )

Contempt in a sentence?

After their toxic relationship ended, the few glimpses that he WOULD grant her with were filled with contempt, making her wish she could turn invisible on the spot.

How do you defend contempt?

You can't defend contempt of court. It's the judges discretion, anyway, you'll either spend the night in jail, or have to pay a fine. It's nothing.

Is contempt an emotion?

Yes, because feeling contempt requires a conscious thought of lack of love towards a person, and since love is an emotion, so also is lack of love.

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It is the basis of the theory of evolution, and can be answered with "the strong/intelligent/attractive humans reproduce and the meek/dumb/unattractive ones don't." Hope I helped.

Sentence for familiarity?

Bob used his familiarity with the music industry to mentorup-and-coming rock 'n' roll artists. The word familiarity is anoun.

What is the etymology of familiar?

c.1340, "intimate, very friendly," from O.Fr. familier, from L. familiaris "domestic." The sense gradually broadened. Of things, 1490. The noun meaning "demon, evil spirit that answers one's call" is from 1584.

What does popularity breeds contempt mean?

Being popular means being hated. If someone or some thing is popular, inevitably someone else will end up disliking it merely for the fact that it is popular.

What is meant by familiarity breeds content?

This is too obvious! The more you are settled and doing a comfortable thing, either work, love, life etc - you start to die inside from regularity - and a constant repetition. If you feel you are "too" comfortable -> change it up - or suffer the ground hog!!

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How does familiarity breed contempt?

This saying has some different meanings. The first meaning is applied to relationships. If you know someonevery well or experience something a lot, you stop respecting them. The second meaning could be: the better we know people, the morelikely we are to find fault with them. Or finally this saying ( Full Answer )

What is contempt as an adjective?

The noun contempt actually leads to two different adjectives. Contemptible, which means deserving of contempt, and contemptuous, which means feeling contempt.

What is a order of contempt?

Steven H. Gifis, in his book "LAW DICTIONARY" , defines "contempt of court" as "an act or omission tending to obstruct or interfere with the orderly administration of justice, or to impair the dignity of the court or respect for its authority. There are two kinds, direct and constructive." (249 S ( Full Answer )

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A form of guidance as a familiar is, should not have to be found but rather, should find you. Just like many things in life, they come when most needed and least expected. A familiar knows its place and is an old soul so it also knows the exact time it should arrive into your life. If it has been a ( Full Answer )

What does familiarity breeds not contempt but affinity mean?

Its an adaptation of the phrase "familiarity breeds contempt" which is to say that spending lots of time doing something, being with someone, etc... means you will grow to dislike the activity, person, etc... In this phrase its is turned on its head, instead of growing to hate something you will ( Full Answer )

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Who said familiarity brings contempt?

Aesop The fable of the fox and lion: When first the Fox saw the Lion he was terribly frightened, and ran away and hid himself in the wood. Next time however he came near the King of Beasts he stopped at a safe distance and watched him pass by. The third time they came near one another the Fox ( Full Answer )

What is the familiarity hypothesis?

When someone participates in the same recreational activity repeatedly because they are comfortable with what they already know. For example, when snow skiing, someone may continuously go down the same slope, why? Because they are comfortable with that slope. It is FAMILIAR to them.

What is the a synonyms familiar?

If you're familiar with something you can be well acquainted with it, well versed in it - if you just want to say something sounds familiar? I think you're out of luck with other words for that. Perhaps "well known to me", which is obviously too wordy.

Is familiar a noun?

The word 'familiar' is both an adjective and a noun . The noun 'familiar' is a word for an associate or friend; athing (often a cat) that has the power to aid a witch in performingmagic. A related noun form is familiarity. Example uses: Noun: The witch and her familiar greeted me at her door. ( Full Answer )

What is familiarize about environment?

It is to get acquainted with the environment taking advantages of your new location. It also means to study environmental issues in order to better understand their features.

What does inferiority breeds contempt mean?

This is actually a sociology question but I know the answer. Think of minority groups of people and how they are treated by racists. Perhaps the plight of the black people in the US historically will help you to understand. They were treated like and inferior breed of humanity and they lived with co ( Full Answer )

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"Flashy" horses, such as Lipizzaner (Spanish Riding School, Vienna), Arabians, Anglo Arabs... In short, horses with a nice temperament and way of holding themselves with elegant carriage. Answer 2: Any horse can do Dressage, they do not have to be 'flashy and impressive'. Of course this can vary ( Full Answer )

What is adjective of contempt?

contempt in law disobedience of disrespectful or disorderly conduct in the presence of any court or legistalive body

What is the Adverb for Familiar?

The adjective familar forms the related adverb familiarly .However, it means in the intimate manner of a family (e.g.he was familiarly known as Uncle Sid), rather than recognizably.

What is the noun of familiar?

The word familiar is a noun; a word for a close friend or associate or an attendant spirit, often taking animal form. The noun form for the adjective familiar is familiarity .

What does familiarize mean?

To get familiar with. Example: you should familiarize yourself with a subject before taking a test on it.

Does too much familiarity breed contempt in love relationship?

Love can survive familiarity, but it is true that even if you love someone, he or she may have some unlovable personality trait, habit, physical trait, etc., which you will find out about if you become very familiar with that person. Familiarity does not inevitably breed contempt, but it does have i ( Full Answer )

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A witch's familiar was an evil spirit in the form of an animal that supposedly attended to and obeyed a witch.

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