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What is meant by NRO in Pakistan?

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National Reconciliation Order.
An executive order given by ex Pakistani president general pervaiz mushraf which removed all the civil cases against political parties.

As you know that Supreme Court of Pakistan has rejected NRO and all cases against political people are reopened.

For detailed info on National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), see the Related Links below.

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What is the purpose of nro?

the purpose of NRO is to arrest the govt people who r not working for Pakistan , and just making money , and passing their time,,, NRO is the abbreviation for National Reconciliation Ordinance.Which was brought in Pakistan by President Musharaf. Zardari and NRO

What is nro and how it is important in Pakistan?

national reconceliation ordinence

Write few lines on NRO in Pakistan?

All the beneficiaries of NRO are the criminals of nation and should be hanged till death

What is NRO Pakistan?

NRO stands for National Reconciliation Order that means administrative order given by the ex President of Pakistan which detached all civil cases that were against political parties.

What is NRO in Pakistan in urdu?

idealism sa kya murad ha

Impact of NRO on government of Pakistan?

NRO is a barbarian kind of approach with the poor people of Pakistan and facilitate the criminals, thieves, shamless, religiousless & ????? people in Pakistan only. The poor people of Pakistan will never gorgive all those who created and have taken benefit from this black source. Note: Please Give My Message to the People of Pakistan that: Those who are facilitated from NRO are not honest with OUR PAKISTAN, so we want to hang all the criminals till to death, also we want to bring revolution to justify the worst situation in our holly country.

What is the effect of NRO in Pakistan?

There is nothing to fight on name and position of such people when we talk about CORRUPTION they ALL STANDS IN ONE LINE

What is the difference between NRI and NRE?

NRE and NRO are similar with few differences. NRE -> foreign currency deposits only. Only Rupee withdrawals. NRO -> forign currency and rupee deposits. Only rupee withdrawals. NRE-> Any NRI can open an account NRO-> Resident can open . or NRI and resident together can open the account. NRE -> Not Taxed NRO->Taxed. NRE -> Can transfer from NRE to NRO account NRO -> Cannot transfer from NRO to NRE account.

How many continents does Pakistan have?

Pakistan has no continents, it is part of Asia if that’s what you meant.

Nri account in hdfc bank?

dear m/s i open the accounts nre & nro accounts i want to know the if i diposit my money on nre can i withdrow my money fron nro account dear m/s i open the accounts nre & nro accounts i want to know the if i diposit my money on nre can i withdrow my money fron nro account dear m/s i open the accounts nre & nro accounts i want to know the if i diposit my money on nre can i withdrow my money fron nro account

What is the difference between an NRE and NRO account?

The difference between an NRE and NRO account is that with an NRE account, you can't transfer money any way other than remittance from abroad. With NRO accounts, money is freely transferable.

What is meant by national assembly in Pakistan?


What will be the map of Pakistan in 2020?

how is anyone meant to know

What is NRO bill for Pakistan?

NRO is to facilitating the the Criminals and to providing license to kill and a free hand to commit more different Crimes, Corruption, Economic neglect Sectarian-Ethnic Terrorism and to set the Country on fire as planed by their Masters, Employers, EU, U.S needs to Employ Corrupt, and Criminals to achieve their goals and their needs of save passage to access Central Asian Natural resource & markets without committing long term compensating the local small rollers and small powers in Pakistan and Afghanistan instead EU, U.S has waged 9\11Fabricated war in the region which actually is fuel and food war games,NRO, NRO I think all these who,s name has appeared on the list of NRO should be life imprisonment based on their misconduct and mischief Non of theme are admitting the corruption and the crimes that they have committed and if Non of them as they claimed to be are involved in the different crimes, corruption, Economic neglect Sectarian-Ethnic Terrorism then what was the reason of drafting of NRO at the first place, and why is the names of these so called innocent people are on the NRO list, my findings are that they are Borne Criminals and should face the consequence according to the law or send them all to Europe and U.S because they are more in need of such highly skilled manpower.Because of these Criminals Our Country is on fire and these Criminals are the Number One Internal Enemy of Pakistan and sorry to say, that they all are the street Gangsters and happened to become the leaders and non of theme is capable and has the capacity to be A leader that can deliver the Nation.Written by Dip. Eng. Ch. M. Faryad

What is the full form of NRO?

Non Resident Account.

What is the abbreviation NRO stands for?

National Reconciliation Ordanance

What is the NRO budget?

$10.3 Billion USD in 2013

What is meant by the Thermal Properties of Building Fabrics?

pakistan zindabad

What is the meaning of NRO?

NRO can stand for: National Reconnaissance Office (an intelligence agency in the United States Department of Defense), or Number Resource Organization (formed by the Regional Internet Registries).

What is full form of NRO?

non residential overseas account

What is full form of NRO in political terms?

no reference organisation

What is NRO account?

it is a way from where all polition parties escape from all illeagle cases those they have done ,and with the help of the NRO they can hide there sins .specialy pervez Musharaf and MQM had gotten help from ..

What is meant by pakki?

That is a slang term, and is usually meant in a negative way. It refers to people of Pakistani origins--- that is, people from Pakistan.

What is meant by ethnicity in Pakistan?

Islam buhdism muslim and many many more

What is the religious conflict between India and Pakistan?

India is a religious country which persists of many religions ,but Pakistan is a single religious country that is "islam" this has meant a great conflict between India and Pakistan