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It is meant some of the elements in the periodic table put into a group!

The vertical columns in the periodic table are called groups

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"Family of elements" is the synonym of group (column) in the periodic table of Mendeleev.

If you meant to say "elements ARE most likely to bond with," which is probably what you meant, then the answer would be 7A(or 17), also called the Halogens. "Halogen" actually means "salt-forming." When you take a chlorine (7A) and sodium (1A), you end up with table salt! ---- In a nutshell, the answer is Group 7A, or 17.

The elements of the group I are more reactive than the elements of the group VII.

1.Generally IIA group elements are soft but when compared to IA group elements these are hardthan the IA group elements . 2In IIA group elements metalic bonding is strong compared to IA elements and 2 valence electrons are present in IIA group elements . 3.Because of the difference in the metalic bonding IIA group elements are harder than the IA group elements.

Group 2A elements form compounds that are less soluble in water. Group 2A elements are harder. Group 2A elements have an additional valence electron. Group 2A elements are less reactive.

Elements in group 8 (Fe, Ru, Os) do readily form ions. If you meant group 18, the noble gases, they usually do not form ions because they all have their valence shell filled with eight electrons.

There is no such thing as group 18. In the periodic table, there are only groups 1-8. If that was a typo and you meant group 8, there are 8 valence electrons.

Group 1 Elements (elements in the first group [column]) are classed as Alkali Metals. Group 2 Elements (elements in the second group [column]) are classed as Alkaline Earth Metals. All elements not in a representative group are classed as Transition Metals. Group 3 Elements (elements in the third full group [coulumn]) are classed as Earth Metals

elements are in the same group since they react similarly to other elements in that group.

Elements in group 1 are called Alkali Metals, after that group 2 elements are called Alkali Earth Metals, group 3-12 elements are called Transition Elements.

Halogen means "salt former". It's the name for the elements in the same group as fluorine in the periodic table.

The ist group elements Alkali metals are most active elements.

group 2 elements are alkaline of the element in d group is berrylium

Melting points of the elements in the group 2 are higher.

Group one elements are the alkali metals.

There are seven elements in one group.

A group of elements is placed in a column of the periodic table.

As group 2 is a group of quite reactive elements, most elements will react with them. However, as usual the inert gases of Group 0 will not react as they are highly unreactive.

A group is all the elements in the same column. They all share the same chemical properties because they all have the same valence electron structure.

I don't know what group A is , but if group 1 of the periodic table is meant then this is called alkali metals (NOT: ailkline metals, wrong expression, wrongly spelled)

All elements are in the same group as some other elements.

Group IVA is carbon family and all elements are p-block elements in that. The s-block elements belong to group 1 (of IA) and group 2 (or group IIA)

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