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The load is composed of silk sheets

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How does a fork lift with a full pallet loaded move the forklift and still see?

what type of machinery is used to unload a trailer with slipsheet load

How do you unload slip sheet?

You need a slipsheet machine. This is a forklift with wide, thin tines and a mechanism that allows the driver to push the load off the tines onto the floor or into the racking.

What is meant by the term load nett weight?

the load only

What is meant by cold setting and hot setting of spring hangers?

cold setting - setting of spring for installation condition. hot load - load at operating condition cold load - load at installing condition

What is meant by load in diesel generators?

Any device that uses the generator to supply its operating voltage is electrically classed as a generator load.

What is meant by the rivers load?

the amount of sediment a river is carrying during flow

Is there any load in dc shunt motor?

Yes. In order to do work, there has to be a load. In order for there to be current, there has to be a load. Now, that is probably not what you meant to ask. If so, please restate the question correctly.

What is vehicular overloading?

carrying too much weight on a vehicle not meant to carry such a load

What is meant by sensible heat factor?

Sensible Heat Ratio - SHR - is defined as the sensible heat or cooling load divided by the total heat or cooling load.

What is meant by a no load mutual fund?

No load mutual fund means the fund does not charge any type of sales load as the name implies. However, this type of fund may charge fees that are not sales load like purchase fees and redemption fees.

What is meant by resistive load and reactive load?

A resistive load exhibits a pure resistance all the way down to DC. A reactive load (an inductor) presents negligible resistance at DC but 'appears' as a resistance (reactance) to AC. Therefor a reactive load is frequency dependent and will need to be calculated relative to the AC frequency of operation.

What did Jesus meant when he said carry your cross?

what jesus meant was to carry your own burden by saying to carry the cross. the burden that has been borne upon by the load of sin .

What is meant by 26 amp hour batteries and how can we calculate the backup time of battery from this?

If you know how many amps your load draws then divide this into 26 and your answer will be the number of hours (approximately) you can sustain the load.

How do you load bb's into the daisy model 938?

You can't it's a pop toy rifle. Not meant to shoot BB's

What is meant by load on a motor?

It is basically the work the motor is doing. In your car the motor turns the crankshaft which in turn moves the car. The resistance applied by the crankshaft against the job of the motor to turn it, represents the load.

What is the effect of using a current trasformer CT meant for 630A breaker maximum load for 1200A breaker maximum load in relation to current measured and protection relays?

No good idea. The CT may not function well at a load beyond 630 amps. It may even fail at higher load (than 630 amps)

What is meant by potential difference?


What is meant by 'wattless power'?

Since reactive power transfers no net energy to the load, it is sometimes called "wattless" power.

Why does your 1994 Mazda Miata hesitate badly under load?

Struts could of gone bad, otherwise its a miata....not meant for the hearty ones

What piece of machinery should be used to unload a trailer whose freight is on a slip sheet?

Most people call it a "slipsheet machine." It is a forklift with a special attachment for handling slipsheeted freight.

What is meant by load on a motor in eletrical engineering term?

The load on a motor can be measured in watts, and it is the mechanical torque supplied, multiplied by the speed of the shaft. When the torque is in Newton-metres and the speed is in radians/second, the mechanical power output result is in watts.

What is meant by 3 phase motor overload?

A motor overload is considered to be any amperage the motor draws over its rated full load amperage.

Is the glycemic load diet radical?

Yes the glycemic load diet is really safe. It is meant for diabetics but other people can follow it as well. It is a low sugar, low carb diet that influences users to eat lots of protien and green vegetables.

What is meant by pressure rating of pump?

Pressure rating means maximum pressure at which pump can operate safely.Pump delivers a pressure according to load. If load is more , it'll deliver more pressure. At some point load is large enough to cause damage to parts of the pump. That pressure is rated pressure. For example if pump rating is 10 bar, it can asustain safely the load that creates 10 bar pressure.

What is purpose of the website Music Load?

Music Load is a music-themed blog meant to showcase the best in music from around the world and in all genres. Readers can submit links to music they like (usually a YouTube video) and the site may feature the song.