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what is meant by 'customer' and who your customers are

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Q: What is meant by customer and who is your customer?
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What is meant by customer and who your customers are?

..................... A person who uses your facilities

What is meant by 3C concept?


What is meant by a care token in customer service?

A care token is a gesture made by the company to retain a customer after his/her having experienced bad customer service.

What is meant by Websphere Customer Center?

wcc is an application made by IBM which consist of customer information and their account relationship.

What is meant by business customer services?

Customer services is a department of many businesses, especially retail businesses. It is the department customers contact if they have questions about products.

How v can satisfied to your customer?

You really meant: Don't lie...

What is meant by term value-driven?

It is a market driven by reasonable market prices that satisfy the needs of the customer.

What is meant by Customer Relationship Management?

This particular branch of business specializes in fostering positive relationships between employees and their customer base. More information about this type of management can be found on Wikipedia.

What is meant by the term market?

where a group of businesses come together in a place to buy and sell items or it can also be a customer

Where is the adverb in Serve only one customer at a time?

In the word 'only' for it it strengthens the word 'Serve' where the adverb is meant for

What is meant by the term customer needs?

A customer need is a need that motivates a customer to purchase a product or service. The need can be known, the customer can put it into words or unknown, and is the ultimate factor determining which solution the customer purchases. Get this SlideEgg Customer Needs Analysis Template for your exclusive presentation. The template is mainly used for business purposes.

What is meant by customer service?

Customer Service is the ability of a company/organisation, to meet their customers' wants and needs, providing support and information with regards to the products and services offered by that business company/organisation.

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