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There are numerous definitions of Health and Wellness, but most agree that it is a state of physical and mental well-being. Wellness is also defined by Wellness Proposals as "physical well-being, especially when maintained or achieved through good diet and regular exercise1" Footnotes: # -


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models of health and wellness

Classify the six dimensions of health and how they relate to wellness.

health and wellness are two things that you need in order to be healthy

The health and wellness of our students is a high priority.

Health and wellness information can be found at almost every local health clinic or hospital. Another great resource for health and wellness information is the library.

Wellness is keeping a balance among the three elements in the health triangle

health wellness is free from disease and fitness is maintaining our outlook

Physical fitness as the the same of physical wellness

Wellness means free from illness or in good health.

Wellness is health, or as an adjective it is healthy.

wellness is when you can do things just fine. Health is when you can do great amount of things efficiently.

health, wellness, and prevention

Wellness is the physical and spiritual health of a person. Wellness can be achieved with regular exercising and healthy eating.

If you are in e2020, it is Health Continuum

wellness checkpoint (health-assessment computer software) wellness checkpoint (health-assessment computer software)

Achieving overall health and wellness is important in order to experience a higher quality of life. Overall wellness lessens the chance of illness and your need for healthcare.

There are many places that one can find information on health and wellness. The website, Health, is full of health tips and recipes as well as other ways to be healthy.

To expand the definition of health is to achieve the highest potential for well being. Wellness consists of 6 dimensions or factors. 1.Physical wellness-refers to the wellness of the physical body. (exercise, eating 5 fruits and vegetables daily, avoiding tobacco, good medical care and adequate sleep. 2.Intellectual wellness-refers to ones creative and mental activities. 3. Emotional wellness 4. Social wellness 5. Spiritual wellness 6. Occupational wellness

Wellness is health while fitness is more to do with not being obese.

Similar to both, Health and Wellness, is to achieve the main goal, the absence of pain, disease or illness. And more than this, Health and Wellness assist each other, leading to mental and physical health, well being, vitality and a perfect harmony of body and mind.

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they are pathways of care that are made up of the dimensions of life to maintain an overall feeling of wellness and or health

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social health, phisycal health, spiritual health, mental health, emotional health

Periodic loosely means "from time to time". In wellness, a health check may be every 6 to 12 months. A health check-up is a routine exam done mostly in wellness, but these checks can identify problems early. So a "periodic health check up" means you see a doctor every 6 months to a year even when you feel well. The schedule of wellness exams for infants, toddlers, and children is more frequent.

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