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Q: What is meant by molasses?
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What is meant by blackstrap molasses in Tamil?


Is molasses plural or singular?

The noun molasses is a mass (non-count) noun, a word for a substance. Substances are expressed as some molasses, more molasses, a cup of molasses, two cups of molasses, bottles of molasses, etc.

What is the plural form of molasses?

the plural form of molasses is molasses

Is livestock molasses good for you?

Molasses is molasses, there is no such thing as "livestock molasses." Molasses is high in sugar, and is more like candy than an actual health food.

What is fancy molasses?

what is molassesis molasses creamcan you use molasses to make ice creamis molasses liquedeis molasses healthy

Is molasses a compound?

No, molasses is a mixture.

How much molasses was there in the molasses flood?

2.3 million gallons of molasses

How many gallons of molasses in a ton?

1 gallon of molasses weighs approx. 12lbs. Given a ton of molasses, 2000lbs, there are approx. 166.66 gallons of molasses.

Can you use sorghum instead of molasses to make molasses cookies?

If one does not use molasses in "molasses cookies," they cannot be called "molasses cookies." One might make sorghum cookies by replacing the molasses with sorghum. But the cookies would not taste or look the same.

What did the Molasses Act do?

The Molasses Act put a high tax on molasses, sugar, and rum.

What is molasses called in Arabic?


What is the plural of molasses?

Molasses (no change).

What is substitute for molasses?

Butter is the best substitute for molasses

Does molasses contain caffeine?

No Molasses does not contain caffeine

How many gallons are in a ton of molasses?

1 gallon of molasses weighs approx. 12lbs. Given a ton of molasses, 2000lbs, there are approx. 166.66 gallons of molasses.

What do you call blackstrap molasses in Malayalam?

In Malayalam, blackstrap molasses, or simply the molasses is called 'karimbin-paavu' / 'sharkkarappaavu' / 'cheenippaavu' (കരിമ്പിൻപാവ് / ശർക്കരപ്പാവ് / ചീനിപ്പാവ്), etc.

What process is used to remove the sulfur from molasses?

Sulfur is not removed from molasses. If you have seen molasses bottles that say "unsulphured" (old-fashioned spelling), it means that sulfur dioxide was not used in processing the molasses. Most molasses today is unsulfured.

Is molasses a mixture?

Molasses are not pure substances.

Viscosity of molasses in mPas?

viscocity of molasses

Who discovered molasses?

your momma discovered molasses

What do molasses cookies taste like?


What part of speech is molasses?

Molasses is a noun.

What does molasses smell like?

Molasses smells live Olives.

Is unsulfured molasses the same as blackstrap molasses?

No, it isn't.

Which has the greatest viscosity orange juice or molasses?