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Q: What is meant by straight flight of stairs?
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Is a fleet of stairs correct?

NO. Use "flight of stairs"

How can the abstract noun or collective nouns can be stairs?

A common noun is a noun that refers to a thing, person or place. So if by 'stairs' you mean staircase, than yes it is a common noun. If you meant 'stares' as in looking at something intently, then it is a verb.

How many steps make a flight of stairs?

A flight of stairs is an uninterrupted set of steps. The answer could be the same or different for any given flight of stairs! A flight of stairs is an uninterrupted set of steps. The answer could be the same or different for any given flight of stairs!

A group of stairs?

A group of stairs is referred to as a flight. Example in a sentence- I followed him up a flight of stairs.

What is a group of stair called?

Flight of stairs and Fleet of ships.

What is a pair of stairs?

A pair of stairs is another term for a flight of stairs.

How many stairs?

Usually 16-20 is the average flight of stairs.

What is the collective noun of steps or stairs?

There are several synonyms for the phrase "next steps" You could use the phrase "advance to the following directions" as an alternative.

How many flights of stairs are equal to 5760 stairs?

A "flight" of stairs may consist of differing numbers of steps. It depends on the architect, the engineer and/or the contractor and what there is to work with. We sometimes refer to a flight of stairs as the group of steps between two adjoining levels in a structure, but this is not set in stone. And a given flight of stairs between that pair of adjacent levels can be "broken" into two or more "sub-flights" depending on the area and geometry of the stairwell. There is probably a maximum number of stairs that will be set on a stringer, and a long, straight stringer may have a landing (one or more) to break it up for the benefit of the individuals who ascend or descend using this route. Consider the stairs on some of the ancient structures in South America. Hundreds of steps straight up with no breaks makes for a difficult climb, whether it be up or down.

How many feet in a flight of stairs?

It takes about 20 flights of stairs to equal a mile.

What is the length in miles of 12 flights of stairs?

Depends on the definition of "flight" as in how many steps in each flight of stairs ... Please be more specific.

Is this correct - a long gaggle of stairs?

No, a long flight of stairs a noisy gaggle of geese