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What is meant by the acceleration of a body?

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the rate of change in the velocity of a body

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What is meant by acceleration due to gravity?

Earth being a massive body attracts every other massive body. This force of attraction is named as weight of the body. But force is equated to the expression m*a Here m is the mass of the body and a is the acceleration. So the general a is to be replaced by g a symbol meant for the acceleration due to gravity. Its average value is 9.8 m/s2

When can you say a body in uniform acceleration?

A body is in uniform acceleration when its acceleration is increasing at a constant rate.

What is meant by the term acceleration?

acceleration is the rate of change of velocity as a function of time

When a body has velocity no constant has acceleration or no?

Yes. If a body has a constant velocity there is no acceleration, but if the velocity is changing there is acceleration present.

What is the acceleration of mass?

force acting on unit mass of body is the acceleration of that body.

When a body has constnat velocity what is the acceleration?

The acceleration is zero for a body having constant velocity.

What is the acceleration of a uniformly moving body?

A body moving with uniform velocity has zero acceleration.

When will you say a body is in uniform acceleration and non-acceleration?

Uniform acceleration is constant force. Non-acceleration is no force.

What is the difference between average acceleration and instantaneous acceleration?

Average acceleration is the average of the accelerations acquired in the whole journey by a body while instantaneous acceleration is the acceleration of the body at any particular instant of time.

How can you recognise body getting into acceleration?

a body is accelerating if it is speeding up faster and faster. Acceleration is the change in velocity. or the change in speed. Slowing down is also acceleration but it is negative acceleration or de acceleration.

Is the acceleration of a body zero if stationary at some point?

Yes the acceleration is zero when the body is not moving.

Can a body at rest have acceleration?

No a boday while rest cannot be in acceleration because of the momentum of the body ...........................

How fast is the acceleration of a falling body?

if body is free falling state its acceleration would be 9.8meter/second2

Can a body have negative velocity and positive acceleration?

no a body can only have positive velocity .sometimes it have negative acceleration

Is it possible for a body to have acceleration when moving with constant velocity explain?

the question is very a body does not have acceleration when it is moving with constant velocity ,because a body posses acceleration when its velocity is not remain conserved or constant.yes if a body have constant speed it may have acceleration but not in case of constant velocity.

What is acceleration when velocity is constant?

there is no acceleration if the body is moving with constant velocity

What has an acceleration of 9.8?

acceleration of free fallilng body near to earth.

When a body stops mooving what happen to the acceleration?

Acceleration becomes zero.

What is the physics formula for acceleration?

a = F / m Acceleration of a body is equal to (the [vector] sum of the forces acting on the body) divided by (the mass of the body).

What affects the acceleration of a moving body?

Force! Acceleration a=f/m, the force F changes the acceleration.

When the body moves with uniform velocity its acceleration is?

When the body moves with uniform velocity its acceleration is 0. Pls explain.

When will you say a body is in uniform acceleration non uniform acceleration?

Uniform (or constant) acceleration means that the acceleration doesn't change over time.

How force and mass affect acceleration?

force is directly proportional to acceleration and acceleration is inversely proportional to mass of the body

What is the value of acceleration when a body moves uniformly?

If by uniformly you mean at a constant speed then that implies no acceleration or an acceleration of zero.

What is the acceleration of a body moving with a constant velocity?

Acceleration is zero when the body is moving with a constant velocity. This is one of the newton's laws.