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The phrase dog vs cat isn't common but it would mean that they are fighting or battling. However, raining cats and dogs means that it is raining heavily.

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Q: What is meant by the phrase Dog Vs Cat?
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What do you call a cat vs dog fight?

depends of breed,if bengal cat vs chihuahua than the cat easily won,if gsd vs persian than gsd easily however most dog breeds would win against cats because of strength.

Cat vs dog who would win?

a big cat can beat a chihuahua i guess.... but in most cases the dog wins

Is the cat stronger then the dog?

Well it depends on the dog it's self. Cats are almost aways the same size and weight. Dogs however can be large, small, fat or thin. If you get a big dog vs. cat, the dog is more likely to win. However, if the dog is miniature or is a weakling, it will be no contest for the cat.

What are the release dates for CollegeHumor Originals - 2006 Cat vs- Dog Fighting Game 1-418?

CollegeHumor Originals - 2006 Cat vs- Dog Fighting Game 1-418 was released on: USA: 30 April 2013

Why do cat and dog fights?

Ours do not- they are over there curled up together taking a nap. Some dogs will attack cats as they are a smaller animal (usually). Most of the dog vs. cat is not true.

Who would win skunk vs rat vs lion vs cat vs horse vs aligator vs crocodile vs monkey vs cobra vs wolf vs tiger vs cheetah vs dog vs rhino vs shark vs whale vs fish vs bear vs deer vs mouse?


When was Cat vs. Rat created?

Cat vs. Rat was created in 1982.

Does the glowing color of cat eyes differ House cat vs Bob Cat vs leopard?

you know you you know

When to use the phrase have had vs had vs have?


What actors and actresses appeared in Dog vs. Dog - 1918?

The cast of Dog vs. Dog - 1918 includes: Thomas Bellamy as Black boy

Dog vs cats who would win?

This question actually depends on the cats and dogs itself. If the cat is well trained and fearless, it might win a dog which is timid and pampered, meaning they get to laze around all day. However, if the dog is really fierce, it might win whichever cat that dares to fight it.

Who would win cat vs snake?

There are far too many different cats and snakes for there to be a single answer to that. Corn snake vs regular house cat - the cat would win. House cat vs grown Boa - the snake would win.

Rich dog vs poor dog?

Rich dog.

Fragment vs phrase vs clause vs sentences?

clause because it simply has a subject and predicate

In a football game what does the vs stand for in the phrase Germany vs Spain?


Alpha dog vs beta dog?

The Alpha dog is the leader of the pack. The beta dog is the second leader of the pack. Alpha dog vs Beta dog is these to dogs fighting, maybe for victory and possession of the leader or for food.

Who would win 100 pound dog vs 100 pound cat?

Cats are way stronger than dogs, they can climb and jump long distances, also they have claws that would destroy the dog, even the most fragile wild cat like the cheetah would rip appart the strongest pitbull.

What is the single vs double negative in this phrase Father and us?

There are no negatives in the phrase "father and us".

Cat's eye vs humans eyes?


Where can cross breed a Tiger with a Tabbie?

big cat vs. small cat don't go together

Who would win black cat vs cat woman?

no one. she would make it a pet/minion

Are dog vs dog fights legal in the world?

In some places outside the US.

What actors and actresses appeared in Cat vs. Man - 2010?

The cast of Cat vs. Man - 2010 includes: Richard de Klerk as Rory Viv Leacock as Man-Waffles Anna Mae Wills as Susie Loopy The Cat as Waffles

What are the release dates for Super Dog Man vs- Retirement - 2015?

Super Dog Man vs- Retirement - 2015 was released on: USA: 2015

What actors and actresses appeared in Man vs. Dog - 2013?

The cast of Man vs. Dog - 2013 includes: Stephanie Bogart as Wife Gabe Graham as Partygoer