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It means that the bad conditions only bother you when you let them. Your smile, a positive attitude or being happy, protects you from bad things, rainy days, the bad feelings you might have from a situation.

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2006-04-04 11:57:45
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Q: What is meant by the saying 'Your smile is your umbrella on a rainy day'?
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What is meant by the idiom ' let your smile be your umbrella'?

It says, "Let your smile protect you from things that would otherwise ruin your day." If you had no umbrella and it was rainy, it might mess up your day. But if you do, it hardly affects you. Same thing goes for a smile.

When was Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella created?

Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella was created in 1927.

What is a good substitute for an umbrella in a old popular song?

A smile, is the substitute for an umbrella. The song is "Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella".

What is an wintry smile?

A "wintry" smile is a smile that is cold or unfriendly. It's similar to saying that someone smiled with their mouth but not with their eyes--a fake-looking smile.

What is meant by ready smile?

Someone has a ready smile. It means that as soon as they see you, they smile. "Bruce easily got a job at MacTavishes because of his ready smile."

What kind of smile is a dry smile?

I think its a smile without warmth or emotion, meant for people you don't like. Well, that's as close as I can put it :/

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u smile i smile because listen to it backwards he is saying he is sorry

What Philosophy meant the US was meant to extend its boundaries all the way to the pacific?

Manifest destiny smile

What philosophy meant that the US was meant to extend its boundaries all the way to the pacific?

Manifest destiny smile

Is that true guys ain't meant to smile when taking a picture?

They probably don't think it's cool to smile in pictures.

Can sankes smile?

i meant snakes u dumbo :P lolipop

What is a positive reaction besides saying thanks to someone who compliments your smile?

You can acknowledge them with the same compliment. If not you can just smile and move forward.

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