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The term 'economic stagnation' means a period of slow economic growth. Depending on the definition of the term, this means growth less than around 2% per year or significantly less than the growth predicted by experts. Causes can be poor economic policy, catastrophes and demographic developments.

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Which shows that an economy is stagnating?

Economic stagnation or economic immobilism, often called simply stagnation or immobilism, is a prolonged period of slow economic growth.

Why do we need economic growth?

Economic growth leads to innovation, employment, development, and long-term stability. Economic stagnation or contraction leads to instability, unemployment, and increasing societal tensions.

What is meant by the term socio economic issues?

issues involving both social and economic factors

What happening when the GDP is neither rising nor falling?

When the GDP, gross domestic product, is neither rising nor falling it is referred to as economic stagnation. There can be many factors that lead to economic stagnation.

What has the author Burkhard Strumpel written?

Burkhard Strumpel has written: 'Economic Means for Human Needs' 'Industrial Societies After the Stagnation of the 1970s' -- subject(s): Stagnation (Economics), Congresses, Economic history

What would be the effects of a decline in GDP?

Stagnation or decline of economic growth .

What is meant by the term socio-economic issues?

The term socioeconomic issues refers to social issues that effect an individual's economic and social standing. Poverty for example is a major socio-economic issue.

What is zero economic profit?

Stagnation or zero growth as long as they aren't losing money.

What is meant by the term socio economic?

The term socioeconomic refers to how economic and social activities affect one another. Many disciplines such as ethics and social philosophy fall under this umbrella.

What was obamas biggest struggle during his presidency?

A matter of opinion, but, in my view, the continuing economic stagnation.

What is meant by the term socio-economic?

issues involving the economy and the social lives of citizens.Answer:(merged from discussion) This term can be defined in a bit easier way by saying that it involves the good use of resources for betterment of society.

What is meant by the term resistivity?

What is meant by the term resistivity?

What is meant by the term econometrics?

Econometrics is a term used to describe the application of mathematics, statistics, and more recently computer science to economic data. The term was first used by Pawel Ciompa in 1910.

What is a large barner to economic development?

Stagnation, stagflation, and under-productivity were contributors. No growth in wages and no productivity is a problem in economic development. Those in a nutshell are the large issues in such cases.

What do stagnation mean?

Stagnation usually refers to the state of water when it is not flowing

In 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed MAINLY because why?

Years of economic stagnation left it far behind western and Asian countries

Beyond certain point deficit financing will certainly lead to?

inflation, b) deflation c) recession d) economic stagnation

What has the author Giuseppe Lenta written?

Giuseppe Lenta has written: 'Development or stagnation?' -- subject(s): Agriculture, Economic aspects of Agriculture

What is meant by the term earth year?

what is meant by the term earth year?

What is meant by the term organization culture?

What is meant by the term organisation culture

Explain what is meant by the term dementia?

Explain what is meant by the term 'dementia.'

Meaning of stagnation?

Stagnation refers to the state of stagnating or having stopped. Stagnation means when something has ceased to flow or failed to develop or progress.

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