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That means that others are putting pressure to keep the prices down. If two or more companies manufacture or sell similar products, both are motivated to keep the price down so that they can compete.

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Q: What is meant by the term 'market competition'?
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What is meant by perfect knowledge of the market in the perfect competition?

Perfect knowledge means that the customers know the past, present and the future status of the market.

What is meant by term value-driven?

It is a market driven by reasonable market prices that satisfy the needs of the customer.

What market structures can exist in a free-market?

Oligopoly, Pure competition, Monopolistic competition

What is meant by the term market in the subject of market segments?

market portion. Lets say real estate was the market and you specialize in unit developments then your market segment would be unit developments

What are the types of competition in the market?

Close Competition Distant Competition Direct Competition Indirect Competition

What did monopolies and trusts reduce during the late 1800'S?

Monopolies limited competition in a certain market. Limited competition meant that the company could choose any price they wanted.

What is meant by the term a competitive market?

there are many producers selling the same products at similar prices.

What is the market structure with the most competition?

Perfect Competition

What business model creates a market structure that most closely approximates a market structure of pure competition?

The business model that creates a market structure that closely resembles pure competition is a monopolistic competition. Pure competition is also called perfect competition.

Types of Market Competition?

Perfect Competition, Monopoly, Monopolistic Competition or Oligopoly

Compare and contrast perfect competition and monopolistic competition?

Perfect competition exists when there are many players in the market and no seller has a greater advantage that he has all the market to himself. Monopolistic competition has the market skewed to favor one person who takes up most or all of the market share.

What is Pure Competition in Marketing?

Pure Competition is a market situation where there is a large number of independent sellers offering identical products.Pure competition is a term for an industry where competition isstagnant and relatively non competitive. Companies within the pure competition category have little control of price or distribution of product. Advertising, market research, and product development play a very little role in these companies/industries.

What does a monopoly have compared to a market with perfect competition?

A monopoly has no competition.

What was a goal of southerners in the annexation of Texas?

Avoiding competition in the cotton market = Avoiding competition in the cotton market = Apex

Can you find some basic asepct of perfect competition which is essentially absent in stock market?

yes indian stock market perfect competition in market

What is meant by oligopoly market structure?

An oligopoly is an intermediate market structure between the extremes of perfect competition and monopoly. Oligopoly firms might compete (noncooperative oligopoly) or cooperate (cooperative oligopoly) in the Marketplace.

Does perfect competition market exist in the market world?


Inadequate competition can lead to?

inadequate competition can lead to market failure.

What are the basic market model?

There are four basic market models based on the amount of competition within the industry. They are pure competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, and pure monopoly.

What is the market concentration ratio of a perfect competition?

The market concentration ratio for perfect competition is Low (Less than 40%).

What is meant by the term market?

where a group of businesses come together in a place to buy and sell items or it can also be a customer

What statement best describes the relationship between competition and a free market system?

The following statement best describes the relationship between competition and a free market system: Competition increases within a free market system.

What is meant by the term resistivity?

What is meant by the term resistivity?

What is market equilibrium under perfect competition?

it is a state in which market demand = market supply

What is a sentence using the term market value?

Although you can pay a lot for a fancy car, its market value will decrease with age. Winning a championship can raise the market value of a professional sports team. The company was still profitable, but competition had reduced its market value.