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Password complexity refers to the range of characters used in a password.

Conventionally, the characters available for use on a US keyboard are :

  • Uppercase (A B C)
  • Lowercase (a b c)
  • Numbers (1 2 3)
  • Symbols (! @ #)

Complexity is the mixture of different types of characters used in order to reduce the chance of some one else being able to use your account, and most companies will require an uppercase, lowercase and a number (or any combination of the above) in order to increase the security of passwords.

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Q: What is meant by the term password complexity with respect to an organisations password Policy?
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The longer the password the better, use different casing, and the password should have special characteristics in it, for instance, @dufS!ig)vnz#. This password almost impossible to crack (but make it but yourself).

Does Asda have a green or sustainabilty policy?

Yes they do as do many UK organisations now

What will configure which user accounts will or will not have their password in formation cached on an RODC?

password replication policy

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In Server 2003 domian security policy helps you to set Password Protection.. 1)Password length 2)Password Complexity 3)Password Age (min age & max age) In Server 2003 domian security policy helps you to set Password Protection.. 1)Password length 2)Password Complexity 3)Password Age (min age & max age)Default and Recommended Password Policy Settings=============================================== Policy Default Recommended CommentsEnforce password history24 passwords remembered(No change) Prevents users from reusing passwords.Maximum password age42 days(No change)N/AMinimum password age1 day(No change)Prevents users from cycling through their password history to reuse passwords.Minimum password length7 characters(No change)Sets minimum password length.Password must meet complexity requirementsEnabled(No change)For the definition of a complex password, see "Creating a Strong Administrator Password" in the Establishing Secure Domain Controller Build Practices section.Store password using reversible encryptionDisabled(No change)N/ADefault and Recommended Account Lockout Policy Settings====================================================== Policy Default Recommended ReasonAccount lockout durationNot defined0 minutesThe value 0 means that after account lockout an Administrator is required to reenable the account before account lockout reset has expired.Account lockout threshold0 invalid logon attempts20 invalid logon attemptsThe value 0 means that failed password tries never cause account lockout. Because an account lockout duration of 0 minutes (administrator reset) is recommended, a small number for this setting can result in frequent administrator interventions.Reset account lockout counter afterNot defined30 minutesThis setting protects against a sustained dictionary attack by imposing a nontrivial delay after 20 unsuccessful attempts.Default and Recommended Kerberos Policy Settings================================================ Policy Default Recommended CommentsEnforce user logon restrictionsEnabled(No change)N/AMaximum lifetime for service ticket600 minutes(No change)N/AMaximum lifetime for user ticket10 hours(No change)N/AMaximum lifetime for user ticket renewal7 days(No change)N/AMaximum tolerance for computer clock synchronization5 minutes(No change)Maximum tolerance between the client's and server's clocks.Note: If you want to more information so you can visit

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It depends on the adminsitartor what complexity he has set the combination could be as follows Default password policy is in 2008: Ø 24 passwords remembered Ø 42 days max password age Ø 1 day min password age Ø 7 characters Minimum password length Ø Password must meet complexity requirements (capital letter, small letter and one digit or non-alphabetic, also not more then 3 characters from the username) No one can tell you the password.The administrator needs to give you

Which group policy setting allows you to set the mininum password length?

Security settingsAnswer Explanation: Security settings are used to implement password policies, which include setting the minimum password length. A good policy should address minimum password length; a good password should be at least six characters long. The policy should also include required characters, which should be a combination of letters, numbers, and upper and lower case characters. The password reset interval and how long you have to wait to reuse a password should also be part of a password policy

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What will configure which users will or will not be cached on rodc?

Password Replication Policy

What is used to prevent users from reusing a certain number of network passwords what can you configure as a part of a domain wide policy or as part of a Fine Grained Password policy?

Enforce Password History

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