What is meant by the term white flight?

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The term "white flight" was the process by which the population

of inner-city urban areas became predominantly African-Americans

and other minorities. This resulted from the inability of many

cities to raise the revenue necessary for essential services

(usually due to growing population and a high poverty index).

Suburban areas offered less expensive land and housing, cleaner

environments, less crime, and lower taxes. However, it was mostly

the white, middle-class residents who had the jobs, income, and

education to support relocation, to afford homes and reliable

private transportation. As urban areas became less attractive,

property values and per capita income fell, further eroding the

ability of cities to afford capital expenditures. The vicious

circle was only broken in some areas through private investment,

which led to redevelopment and reurbanization initiatives.

The term of "White flight" was used to describe how white Americans

would try to move out of a neighborhood when they believed that too

many Afro Americans were moving in. It's seldom heard today. In

fact the reverse of this in places like Harlem in New York City has

been decried among certain civil rights leaders. To them non whites

moving into neighborhoods like Harlem and bringing with them their

culture & money does not fit the ideas of certain Black

leaders. I emphasize the term of certain.

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