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What is meant when people say 'red blue white'?

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2008-08-22 23:31:50

I cannot find any phrase or idiom with "red blue white" in that

order. In America, the term "red, white, and blue" is another way

of saying "the flag," which is red and white striped with a blue

square in the upper left corner (along with white stars inside the

blue square). "Red, white, and blue" can also mean America, and by

extension, any of the country's properties, like liberty or

tolerance. Here are some sentences using the phrase "red, white,

and blue" that might help with this. * "Three cheers for the red,

white, and blue!" the old man yelled as the parade flag-bearer

passed him. * I trust the old red, white, and blue to win the war.

* I vote for freedom, justice, and the red, white, and blue.

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