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In Energy
it is the energy acquired by the object upon which work is done


energy an object has because of its motion or position


the sum of kinetic and potential energy present at the same time

Mechanical energy
is the sum of potential energy and kinetic energy present in the components of a mechanical system. It is the energy associated with the motion and position of an object.

All energy can be expressed in Joules (including thermal energy). Mechanical energy is the result of a mechanical force, expressed in Newtons, multiplied by a distance in meters.
The form of energy associated with the motion, position, or shape of an objects is called mechanical energy.
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How do you convert mechanical energy to heat energy?

In some refrigeration systems, mechanical energy is converted toheat energy by mechanically compressing a refrigerant, by means ofa compressor; and since refrigerants have a fixedpressure-temperature relationship, much like saturated steam,altering the pressure of a refrigerant correspondingly alter ( Full Answer )

How can chemical energy be converted into mechanical energy?

Engines use fuel to produce mechanical energy. For instance, a car's internal combustion engine uses chemical energy stored in fuel to turn a drive shaft. The idea of internal combustion is to burn the compressed mixture of fuel and air to produce expanding gas to convert into mechanical energ ( Full Answer )

What is potential energy and mechanical energy?

potential energy is also the stored energy. it is the energy of the things that are not moving. mechanical energy is the energy used by things runned by machines like washing machines etc...

Turn electrical energy into mechanical energy?

The main principle of an electric motor is converting the electrical energy in to mechanical energy.when electricity flows in a closed circiuit it exhibits electromagnetic waves around it...in similar this passion when coil of copper wire are placed in between magnetic poles,when electicity flows in ( Full Answer )

Examples of Mechanical Energy to Sound Energy?

First of all, sound waves are mechanical energy. Secondly, anything that makes noise because it is moving would be an example of mechanical energy turning into "sound energy;" like a car going down the road, a gun shot, or somebody slapping their palm against their forehead.

Contrast Chemical energy and mechanical energy?

chemical energy is when the energy that is released when a chemical compound reacts to produce new compounds. A mechanical energy is the sum of the kinetic and potential energy of large-scale objects in a system.

What is mechanic energy?

Mechanical energy is energy due to the motion and position of an object . i dont know laugh out loud no one know's except for my mom and dad and Rey and obama. (joking)

Mechanical energy to electrical energy?

mechanical energy is turned into electrical energy using a generator. a generator works by spinning a coil in between the north and south poles of a magnet. this creates a electric current.

Is mechanical energy potential energy?

No. Potential energy relates to an objects position on the earth, specifically it's altitude. Mechanical energy is a form of kinetic energy but it can occasionally be considered "work done" in a more general sense

Can you convert heat energy to mechanical energy?

First of all, 'heat' is not a 'form' of energy; it describes the transfer of energy between two bodies at different temperatures. The term you are looking for is internal energy . An example of a device that converts internal energy into mechanical energy is a steam turbine A steam turbine con ( Full Answer )

Heat energy to mechanical energy?

This question is so short that it's not completely clear exactly what the questioner is after, but I guess they want to know how to convert heat energy to mechanical energy. There are many machines that do this. One obvious example is a steam engine. Some fuel (wood, coal, oil, gas, etc) is burned, ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of mechanical energy and electrical energy?

Mechanical energy is the product of Force and Distance. In the SI system it is defined as Joules and 1 Joule is the work done (or in other words energy expended) by moving 1 meter against a force of 1 Newton. In the ftlb system it is the product of foot and poundforce, and 1 ftlbf = 1.356 Joule. ( Full Answer )

How do you convert mechanical energy into sound energy?

The contact of two objects striking each other will cause pressure waves and therefore create sound. If that object resonates then the sound will ring until all the mechanical energy is spent. If you want to connvert from electrical energy to mechanical energy to sound then you must use a transdu ( Full Answer )

How do you convert mechanical energy to thermal energy?

Mechanical Energy can be converted to thermal energy by friction, or through through more roundabout manners such as converting mechanical energy to electrical energy and running the electrical energy via a current through a resistance, forming thermal energy.

Is mechanical energy a renewable energy?

Not in the literal sense of the words "Mechanical Energy". Itdepends on the source of the mechanical energy. . If the source is renewable, like solar or wind generatedelectricity, then the mechanical energy is renewable. . If the source is non-renewable, like electricity from burningoil, then it ( Full Answer )

What transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy?

An electric motor transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy. Electric motors have broad use throughout the world in the widest possible applications. Note that electric motors are not the only devices that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, but they are far and away the mo ( Full Answer )

Mechanical energy to energy?

Mechanical energy is the sum of kinetic andpotential energy in an object that is used to do work.

Is mechanical energy potential or kinetic energy?

Potential energy is the energy that can be released, but has not been released yet. Ex. Sitting at the top of a slide is potential energy. You will eventually have to go down. Kinetic energy is the energy that is being released at any moment. Ex. As you slide down the slide kinetic energy is relea ( Full Answer )

How you change nuclear energy to mechanical energy?

The way this is handled is that the energy from the nuclear reaction is converted into heat. The remainder is handled like any heat engine; several possibilities exist for this. For example, water might be converted into vapor, and the pressure of the vapor moves turbines.

How to turn mechanical energy into electrical energy?

Generators turn mechanical energy into electrical energy. This results from the conservation of the electrical field expressed in Faraday's law 0 = dB/dt + DelxEv. Th complete law is : 0 = dB/dt + Del Es + DelxEv = dB/dt + zJ + DelxEv.

How is mechanical energy turned into electrical energy?

A wire moving in a magnetic fields creates electric current. Moving a coil of wire into a magnetic field creates a voltageacross the ends of the coil. The voltage equals the number of turnstimes the rate of change of magnetic flux. If a resistor is placed across the coil and it is moved into thefie ( Full Answer )

How do you get mechanical energy?

Mechanical energy is the combination of a system's total kinetic and potential energy. Kinetic energy is the energy of movement, is possessed by any objects in motion, and is given by the equation K = (1/2)mv^2. Potential energy has several types, including potential energy due to height (gravitatio ( Full Answer )

How do you convert nuclear energy to mechanical energy?

Nuclear reactions are converted to usuable energy via steam. Radioactive material is formed into rods, which are then placed into the reactor housing. The rods are then raised or lowered as needed to control the heat transfer, into a pool of water. The thermal energy emitted by radioactive materials ( Full Answer )

How do you convert solar energy to mechanical energy?

Several ways, either photoelectric cells to generate electricityto power an electric motor, or alternately a solar collector toboil water and produce steam power. Sunlight is pretty much rawenergy so there are no doubt many other possible methods but theseare the ones that spring to mind. You could ( Full Answer )

What is the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy?

The most visible situation would be a hydroelectric dam forcing backed up water through an electric turbine. The spinning generator makes electricity. A microphone cartridge has a coil that moves past a magnet and makes electricity that is converted into sound.

What converts mechanical energy into electricial energy?

By far the most common example is an electric power generator. They are turned by wind or steam blown past a fan, or by falling water, and a significant portion of the input mechanical energy is available as output electrical energy.

Why is mechanical energy considered kinetic energy?

Kinectic is energy is basically the energy of action. Potential energy is the possibility for action. Mechanical energy is basically the energy of movement and movement is an action.

How can mechanical energy converted into electromagnetic energy?

-- Use a windmill, falling water, a hand-crank, or a hamster on a treadmill to turn an electric generator. -- Take the electrical energy from the generator. Either run it through wires to the radio station across town, or else store it in batteries and hire a boy to carry the batteries to the ( Full Answer )

How does a radiant energy becomes mechanical energy?

A simple example is solar energy. The only energy received by the earth from the sun is radiant energy. This heats the air on the earth creating convection currents, or wind. This wind is a mechanical energy.

How is electrical energy converted into mechanical energy?

If you have a conductor pass through a magnetic field a current is induced in the conductor. So if you have two very powerful magnets producing a strong magnetic field between them and you have a coil of wire that passes through them on the cyclical nature, then you have a m->e generator. . all hai ( Full Answer )

How can nuclear energy be changed to mechanical energy?

One way it to allow the heat from controlled nuclear reactions to boil water. The steam can then power steam turbines in much the same way that steam from coal or wood fired boilers can be used. In the simplest terms this is how most if not all nuclear power plants work.

How coal energy changed into mechanical energy?

By burning the coal. The stored chemical eneregy is converted to heat energy. That may be used to create steam. Expanding steam pushes a piston or turbine, converting the heat energy to mechanical energy.