What is medical code for 17361?

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What year is the ruger 44 mag rifle 100-17361?


What is medical code 99255?

what is medical code 99255

What is medical code 4004F?

Medical code 4004F is for tobacco screening.

What is medical code 58210?

Code 58210 as maintained by American Medical Association, is a medical procedural code under the range: Hysterectomy Procedures.

What is medical code 94664?

The medical code 94664 in medical marijuana is to educate the people how to intake the medicine.

What does medical code A9270 mean?

Medical code A9270 is a HCPCS code, and the description is a noncovered supply or services.

If a code is not documented in medical records the medical assistant should never code a patient as having what?

a medical assistant should never code a patient as having what unless its is documented in medical record

What is the medical billing code for patient is obese?

medical code for patient is obese is 300.3

What is Medical code 242.1?

The medical code 242.1 is used for the diagnosis of toxic or hyperthyroidism.

What does medical code 56415?

There is no code 56415.

Does medical code 088.81 mean you have lyme disease?

Yes, that is the medical code for Lyme Disease.

How a medical coder uses number?

a medical code users numbers to code the patient complaints?

What is the medical code for Root canal Anterior?

The medical code for root canal Anterior is D3310.

What is a UMDNS code?

It is a code for universal medical device recognition, with the code, we can know it easily for the category of any medical device globally.

What is medical codes for PSA?

what is medical code 80053

What is medical service code 450?

The medical service code of 450 is the revenue code for the hospital. 451 is used for the claim, which is also the part in revenue code.

What does medical service code J1055 stand for?

Medical service code J1055 stands for injection of the contraceptive medroxyprogesterone acetate. This medical code also has the dosage for the injection atÊ150 mg.

What is medical service code 80154?

what code is 80154

What is medical code 64101?

nothing, that code is not in the book

What does medical code 999.92 mean?

No Code 999.92

What is medical billing code 97140 for?

Medical Billing has different codes for different medical specialties. 97140 is the billing code used for Muscular therapy.

What is diagnosis code for low GFR?

The medical diagnosis code for low GFR is 585.4. This is a medical billing code for someone who has a chronic kidney disease.

What is medical code70486?

Medical Code 70486 is a code used to inform everyone that John Bouldin has entered the hospital.

What does code pink mean in the medical field?

Code pink in medical field is generally refer as Child Audition.

Medical Service code 82175?

The medical code 82175 is used when a lab test has come back to show arsenic in a patients blood. This is the code that will be used to enter the data into the patients medical record.