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What is melamine?

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Melamine is a white crystalline compound made by heating cyanamide and used in making plastics. China has been using melamine in baby formula milk and it can harm or even kill the babies who drink the milk!

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Is Melamine formaldehyde a metal?

No. Melamine resin or melamine formaldehyde (also shortened to melamine) is a hard, thermosetting plasticmaterial.

Products with melamine?

products with melamine give me more products with melamine give me more

What is the difference between bamboo melamine and other melamine?

The layer moves the surprising foam. Bamboo melamine smells like other melamine across the meaning priest. Why won't the kernel wave with an arch diner? How will other melamine stir the spent device? Can bamboo melamine apologize with other melamine?

What are the monomers of melamine?

melamine base acrylate

What are the characteristics of melamine?

Melamine is very hard and durable.

Is melamine safe for microwaves?

Yes, melamine is safe for microwaves.

How do you care for melamine?

you can not care for melamine because it is toxic but be careful !!

Is melmac and melamine the same thing?

Melamine is a plastic resin and Melmac is a brand name. Melmac makes plates out of melamine.

What is melamine plastic?

Melamine plastic, also known as melamine formaldehyde, is a hard, thermosetting plastic material made from melamine and formaldehyde. Melamine is often used in kitchen utensils and plates and became very popular in the late 1950's and 60's.

What Crystalline compound is used in making synthetic resins?

The answer is MELAMINE The answer is MELAMINE

What is a monomers of melamine?

melamine(2,4,6-Triamino-1,3,5-triazine) & formaldehyde

Is melamine ware oven safe?

Is melamine bowls safe in an oven

Is Melamine formaldehyde a polymer?

Yes melamine-formaldehyde was one of the first polymers.

Why do uniforms of firemen have coating of melamine plastic?

because melamine is fire resistant

What is maple melamine?

Melamine is a synthetic material frequently used to cover rough edges of cheap particle board or plywood. In this case maple melamine means it is melamine that has been decorated to try to look like wood.

What is a water tolerance test as regards melamine?

A water tolerance test as regards melamine is how melamine reacts to water. And melamine is quite inert as regards water, either hot or cold. It is quite impervious to damage or degradation by water.

Can you heat tea in melamine cups in a microwave?

No, you shouldn't use melamine cups in a microwave.

How is melamine related to amino acids or protein?

Melamine is a protein, which is made of amino acids.

Can you mix melamine paint with latex paint?

Not if the melamine paint is oil (alkyd) based.

How do you make solution of melamine?

Melamine is soluble in ethylene glycol an water at high temperature.

Is melamine formaldehyde thermoplastic or thermoset?

All forms of melamine plastics are thermoset plastics.

If the dinnerware does not state 100 Melamine then what other chemicals are combined to manufacture it?

When you purchase melamine dinnerware, make sure you find out whether it is made of 100% melamine. There are a lot of melamine dinnerware manufacturers who use another material called urea-formaldehyde to replace or mix with melamine-formaldehyde to reduce cost. These are inferior quality melamine and it should also be called as imitation products because they are not made of 100% melamine (melamine formaldehyde. 100% melamine tableware are made of purely melamine formaldehye which is guaranteed food safe and able to withstand high temperatures whereas urea-formaldehye is not suitable to for food contact products because they cannot withstand high temperatures. Therefore they can only be used on non-food contact products such as electrical appliances. Therefore, it is not that all melamine dinnerware ares unsafe. It is those inferior quality melamine products (mixed with urea-formaldehyde) that is not safe for manufacturing dinnerware.

Is all Corelle dishware made of Melamine?

To the best of my knowledge no Corelle dishware is made of melamine. Melamine is a kind of plastic. Corelle dishes are made of a kind of glass.

Can you Bake in melamine?


Is melamine dishware safe to microwave?

No, No on It explains that excessive heat will break down the melamine