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According to the Mesobeauty Cosmetic Health Institute's website (, mesotherapy involves "microinjections of conventional or homeopathic medicines and/or vitamins into the mesoderm or middle layer of skin to deliver healing or corrective treatment to a specific area of the body." Simply put, injections are performed in specific areas to reduce the appearance of cellulite and fat and to improve the appearance of the skin.

Mesotherapy is considered an alternative to Liposuction and is a non-surgical procedure. Not only does it not require anesthesia or carry surgical risk, there is not recovery time associated with mesotherapy. With liposuction procedures, fat can come back in alternate sites on the body if significant weight gain is seen. Areas treated with liposuction typically see less fat growth, while areas that were previously thinner will see new fat deposits. However, mesotherapy does not destroy fat cells, allowing for future weight gain to return fat deposits to the original area. This may not necessarily sound like a positive attribute, but it allows for more uniform weight gain without causing new fat to migrate to previously thinner areas.

Mesotherapy can be used for cellulite treatments as well as weight loss. Liposuction does not treat cellulite, nor is it an effective method of weight loss. The benefits of mesotherapy for weight loss will last as long as the patient maintains a healthy diet and exercises. Cellulite treatment must be repeated every six months to one year.

While liposuction typically produces results with one procedure, mesotherapy usually requires multiple procedures, sometimes as many as 10 or 15. These procedures can cost around $500 each, making this a slightly more expensive option than liposuction.

Mesotherapy generally requires no preparation or recovery and the procedure lasts around 30 minutes. The most common side effect is bruising, which will usually fade within 1 week. Most patients find that the procedure is relatively painless. For those who have a lower threshold for pain, topical anesthetics can be used to ease discomfort.

Though mesotherapy's popularity is growing, there is still much skepticism surrounding the procedure. It has only recently been accepted in the U.S., and it is still banned in places like Brazil, a country that is far less strict about drug policies.

For additional information about mesotherapy, click the links under the Sources and related links section below.

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It is a serious of small injections that put various special supplements into the body. It is used to slow aging and help people loose weight.

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Q: What is mesotherapy?
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Where did mesotherapy come from?

From 1948-1952, Dr. Michael Pistor performed clinical research and founded mesotherapy. The term was coined by the French Press in 1958.

What exactly does mesotherapy help with?

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical liposuction. It is by far the most effective treatment currently available to combat cellulite and fat deposits.

What is mezzo therapy?

Mesotherapy .. not Mezzo Therapy Mesotherapy (from Greek mesos, "middle", and therapy from Greek therapeia, "to treat medically") is a non-surgical cosmetic medicine treatment. Mesotherapy employs multiple injections of pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications, plant extracts, vitamins, and other ingredients into the subcutaneous fat. Mesotherapy injections are purported to target adipose fat cells, apparently by inducing rupture and cell death among adipocytes.

How much does miso therapy cost?

Are you sure you don't mean "mesotherapy"?

What are the benefits of mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy can be used to reduce fat cells through injections which can cause lipolysis. It has been used to reduce tendonitis and arthritis for years and now thought to also be beneficial cosmetically because of successes in Europe and South America.

Can Mesotherapy eliminate cushions of fat?

Mesotherapy does not usually have any effect on cushions of fat. This type of treatment is none other than a way to convey thropic-effect medicines to fatty. It may also have some effect on lipodstrophy, but the therapy has to be followed with perseverance - it is never definitive. Generally, it is not recommended. For some reason, Mesotherapy changes the texture of the fat deposits making its removal through Liposuction a much harder task.Visit the Related Links below this answer for more info

You had mesotherapy treatment yesterday it is red and hot like fever it is painful to even walk have to lean over a little?

Often times after mesotherapy the area becomes red and hot. Some people describe it as being bitten by one hundred mosquitoes. This is from the hundreds of needle pricks used to inject the solution.

Is mesotherapy safe?

It is relatively safe procedure but some people can experience side effects. Not everyone who has undergone mesotherapy has been satisfied. It is not clear why some people do not respond well. Yet, other people do and they have been delighted with the results. To read a full review about the pros and cons, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Sources and Related Links..

What is mesotherapy for hair?

the latest research in hair transplant and hair restoration Mesotherapy is one of the very famous and world widely accepted treatments for reducing accumulated fat. It is also used in hair loss problem in which hair is transferred from the donor area to the recipient area and positioned in such a proper way as it imitates natural. It claims to arrest hair loss with a series of painless injections. Injections consist of formulation of vitamins, minerals and DHT blockers administered directly into the scalp. It gives natural looks as like it your hair never gone before. Each session of treatment costs up to $200 to $600.

Will mesotherapy clog your arteries and give you a stroke or heart attack?

Not if it is done gradually and properly under medical supervision. To release small amounts of fats into the bloodstream (when the fat melts) is no problem, the body will filter that out. However, to release into the bloodstream high amount of fats suddenly, can cause a cardiovascular problem.

What is LipoDissolve and how does it work and why do some people call it LipoDissolve Ultra- what's the difference?

Lipodissolve treatment involves a drug mixture injected into the body. These shots are meant to dissolve or melt away body fat without invasive surgery like in Liposuction plastic surgery. Also known as injection lipolysis, "Flab Jab," lipozap, lipotherapy, and mesotherapy. Lipodissolve requires shots over a number of sessions.

What is the name of a physicians using oxygen therapy in C anada?

Dr. Martin Kwok NDRichmond Alternative Medical Clinic150 - 7340 Westminster HwyRichmond, BC V6X 1A1, CanadaTel: 604-207-0167Fax: 604-273-22013Web Site: www.DrMartinKwok.comEmail: drmkwok@shaw.caThe clinic focuses on chronic conditions, including cardiovascular illnesses, allergies, chronic pains, female health issues, etc. The clinic provides therapeutic modalities, including chelation, ozone, mesotherapy, accupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, nutritional therapy and more.

How can you lose 15 lbs in a month without exercising?

LAZY WAYS TO REDUCE WEIGHT 1. Have a hot glass of water with honey and lemon in the morning.2. Eat fruits in one meal either in breakfast, lunch or dinner exclude sugar fruits like Mangoes etc3. Take a sleep of minimum 8 hours in a day4. Reduce coke cola, alcohol. Cigarettes and Oily consumptions switch to mustard, olive or Ginger oil.5. Don't skip any meal and avoid fast food and red meat etc.6. Go for mesotherapy/ lipodisolve instead of liposuction.7. Add black peeper ,cardamon.cinnamon,bayleaf in your food during preparation.8. Check your Thyroid Profile- T3 T4 and TSH if you are Hypothyroid take appropriatemedicine.9. Don't sleep after having a meal.10. In case of constipation have one Triphla pill/one tea spoon powder in night ;it is an ayurvedic medicine it very cheep made by equal quantity of amlaki, haritaki and bibhitaki useful for indigestion and reduce its dose in case of constipatio 11. You can also go for color therapy alternatively known as chromo therapy. All u need is a transparent color bottle of water wrap it with a celophane colored paper (the color u need) and leave it from morning 8 - 10 am in sunlight and thereafter keep sipping the water till u finish it before the day. Drink yellow solarised water before a meal and violet solarised water approx. 30 minutes after eating. 12. Take hor/luke warm/normal water for drinking every time.13.Chew slowly and break your meal into three to four times instead of having altogether. 14. Regular Body message also reduces fat. 15. Green tea is antioxidant and helps in weight reduction. 16. Take Hot water/steam bath whenever possible. 17. Stress boost Fat ;take ashwgandha medicine (an ayurvedic herb) useful forweightloss,sleeping disorder and stress.

How many types of cosmetic or plastic surgery are there?

There are many type of cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery going on these days in various parts of world.Facial Cosmetic Surgery:BotoxFace Lifts/RhytidectomyMini Face LiftFacial ImplantsFake EyelashesForehead LiftsBlepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)Brow Lift ( EyeBrow Lift )Eyebrow RestorationEyebrow TransplantInjectable FillersDermabrasionMicrodermabrasionScar RemovalScar RevisionJaw Augmentation / Jaw ReductionJaw ImplantChin Implants / Chin AugmentationGenioplasty / MentoplastyCheek AugmentationCheek ImplantsMammoplasty / MammaplastyCheek ReductionBuccal Fat RemovalFacial LiposuctionMole RemovalLaser Skin ResurfacingLip Augmentation / Lip EnhancementLip Reduction ( Cheiloplasty )Buccal fat extractionFat injectionsNose Jobs / Rhinoplasty / Nose SurgeryLaser TreatmentsChemical PeelsFacial Rejuvenation ( Photo Facial )Intense Pulsed Light ( Photo Rejuvenation )RestylaneJuvedermThermageHyaluronic AcidCollagen InjectionsPhoto RejuvenationSkin TighteningFacial Fat GraftingBirthmark RemovalThreadliftCryolipolysisCosmetic camouflageContour threadsBotulinum ToxinDermal FillersCalcium HydroxylapatitePolylactic AcidPolyalkylimide FillersSubcisionSymmastiaHair/Head :Hair ReplacementLaser Hair RemovalHair RestorationHair TransplantationEar :Otoplasty ( Ear Surgery )Neck :Neck LiftNeck ReductionCervicoplastyBreast Procedures :Breast AugmentationBreast ReductionBrest Lift/MatopexyBreast Implants / Boob JobBreast RemovalGynecomastia ( Male Breast Reduction )Male Chest ReconstructionBreast Asymmetry Correction SurgeryCorrection Of Inverted NipplesBreast Implant RevisionBreast ReconstructionNipple ReconstructionBenelli LiftMacrolaneBody ContouringAbdomen :MesotherapyGastric Bypass SurgeryTummy Tuck ( Abdominoplasty )Mini Tummy TuckAbdominal Liposuction (Liposculpture)PanniculectomyInjection lipolysisNon-invasive ultrasonic fat removalNon-surgical liposuctionStomatoplastyUmbilicoplastyThigh :Thigh Lift ( Thighplasty )Inner Thigh Lift (Medial Thigh Lift)Outer Thigh Lift (Lateral Thigh Surgery)Bilateral Thigh LiftThigh Liposuction ( Liposculpture )Calf :Calf AugmentationCalf EnlargementCalf ReductionCalf ImplantsButtock/Butt :Buttock AugmentationButtock LiftEndermologieButt ImplantsArm :Arm Lift ( Brachioplasty )Arm TuckArm ReductionUpper Arm LiftMini Arm LiftBicep and Tricep ImplantsLaser Vein TreatmentLaser Spider Vein RemovalSclerotherapyVaricose Vein TreatmentTattoo RemovalPollicizationFoot :Foot AugmentationVaginal Plastic Surgery:ClitoroplastyVaginoplastyClitoral hood reductionLabiaplasty / LabioplastyLabia Reduction / Labia BeautificationG-Spot AmplificationG-Spot AugmentationHymenorrhaphy ( Hymen Reconstruction Surgery )HymenoplastyHymenotomyVaginal RejuvenationVaginal TighteningVulvar LipoplastyPerineoplastyLabia RemovalLabia StretchingLabia Elongation / Labia PullingVaginectomyPenis :Foreskin restorationGlanuloplastyFrenuloplastyPhalloplastyPenile augmentation surgeryPenis enlargementSex reassignment surgery/Sex Change Surgery/OperationIntersex SurgerySex Reassignment Surgery (female-to-male)Masculinizing Surgical Procedures :MastectomyPhalloplastyMetoidioplastyMale Chest ReconstructionHysterectomyOophorectomy / OvariectomyOrchiopexyGonadectomy / OrchiectomySex reassignment surgery (male-to-female) :Feminizing Surgical ProceduresScrotoplastyBreast augmentationMetoidioplastyClitorectomyClitoroplastyClitoral recessionClitoral reductionVoice feminizationVaginoplastyTrachea shavePenectomy / Penis removalPenile inversionOrchiectomy

How do facial skin care treatments help improve skin muscle tone bones and circulation?

This all depends upon the level of damage present in the skin being treated. Certain forms of facial massage and facial excercies can stimulate the facial muscles to tighten, tone, and increase in volume to help reverse sagging and loss of skin contour and some areas of skin fullness. The most effective form of face treatment which stimulates facial muscles is an electronic device which replicates the brains signal which tells muscles to contract. When applied to the skin these devices works at various frequencies and intensities and effectively excercise and develop both well used primary facial muscles and little used dormant/wasted muscles. These treatments are a very effective age-reversal therapy as not only do they treat underlying saggging and loss of firmness and structure of muscles, but they also treat the skin. The working of the muscles contributes to the revival of skin metabolism and energy which in turn improves blood flow, oxygenation and increases the speed of cellular turnover and replacement. Results from electo-muscular therapy especially in the hard to treat face area offer some of the most dramatic effects achieved with topical procedures. So for circulation obviously muscle toning devices help, and the afore mentioned facial massage works in the same way but is less dramatic. However the pulling and massage of skin will help improve ciculation but great care must be taken not to damage the skin, as overzealous mechanical movement can cause shearing of the skin layers internally, and break down too much facial fat creating wasting. As of 2010 DMAE is the only topical ingredient known to improve muscle and skins firmness tone and tautness. This works better when used in conjunction with electro-muscular therapy, and greatly depends upon how absorbant the skin is. The absorbancy is effected by the level of skin damage. Many skincare products can improve skin circulation through many mechanisms. Ginseng has the effect of widening capillaries to deliver more blood, vitamin K can help reapair damaged leaky vessels to assist broken capillaries. Vitamin A can cause skin cell differentiation which in turn grows new vasculature through the skin remodelling process. Copper Peptides also do this. Menthol is an irritant, but is often used in small doses in skincare to induce a tingling glow, although this is an insidious form of skin irritation. If skin takes an allergic reaction to products it can allow too much blood to enter the skin creating a swollen red skin.Skin circulation is a complex subject. When it comes to aged leathery ashen skin which is irresponsive to skin products, it often represents skin which is depleted of nourishment internally through skin damage, bad deit, smoking, alcohol, drugs, and lack of excercise. The best protocol in these cases is skin peels coupled with mesotherapy treatments and possibly electro-muscular therapy. Certain LED therapies can also assist improving skin circulation. Many laser treatments exist to tackle facial redens, and broken veins, birthmarks, or visible broken capillaries. Sclerotherapy injections are used to cure varicose veins. Some electric shock needle treaments can instantly collapse small broken capillaries so they dissapear. AS FOR BONE : No skin cream, or aesthetic treatment is known to affect facial bone. During the teenage years certain hormone blocking medications have the effect of halting age-induced bone growth leaving the face devoid of adult contouring. Some rumours say Judy arland experimented with such things although this practice appears to be unheard of today. As for age-induced bone loss, incorporating the riet diet and supplementation which concentrates on bio-available calcium, phosphorus, high doses of Vitamin D (sometimes prescription strength), Vitamin A, Magnesium, and avoidance of fizzy drinks etc can all help slow bone loss and even replace lost bone. Many presecription treatment drugs exist to help correct bone loss in the elderly including woman with osteoporosis. The dermal filler Radiesse is often employed to act as a harder structual filler which mimics bone in contour areas such as the nose, cheek bones, and chin and jaw. More dramatic changes can be achieved with cosmetic surgery to permanantly fix cheek/chin/jaw implants onto the skull to improve bone contour. Hope this helps.