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What is metric system important to science?

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In an absolute sense, it isn't. It's just another form of measurement.

But it is now the most common measuring system used throughout the world.

The above answer is wrong. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to science as it is a standardised and regulated set of measurements without which it is difficult to deal with very large and very small quantities.

A tragic example is the loss of the Mars Observer which went out of control because one group of engineers (the guys who designed the propulsion system) used one system of units and another group (the guys who calculated the flight parameters and the fuel to burn to get the spacecraft into orbit around Mars) used another set of units.

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What is the metric system dealing with science?

All it is is the math metric system

Why do you use the metric system in science?

The metric system is the international standard of measurement.

What is the most commonly used measurement system in science?

Metric as in the METRIC SYSTEM

Why did the metric system need to be standardized?

The metric system is the most rational and well organized system of units; the standardization is important for all the world, we need to speak the same language in science.

What is the measurement system used in science?

The metric system

The system of measurement used worldwide is science is?

The metric system is universal and used in science.

What would you say to someone who said that the metric system is not important?

The Metric System is very important because almost all of the world uses the Metric System. It is important to know about the Metric or SI System, the English System, the U.S. Customary System, and the American Engineering System.

What does the root word metric means?

it has something to do with science like the metric system, metric ruler

What system is used to do science inquiry?


Why is metric the universal measurement standard?

Because it is the only complete "system" of measurements we have. The "inch" thing is not a "system" at all, but a compilation of customary units and relationships. The metric system is especially important to science, where a complete system of measurements is necessary.

What method of measurement does a scientist use?

Scientist use the metric system. All science in the metric system.

Why is the metric system important to science?

the metric system is important to science because without it scientists would not be able to accurately measure units+++Not so. You can measure anything accurately in any system of units you like provided the measuring-instruments themselves are accurate to that system.Science now uses the SI scales which are a derived version of the metric system, is mathematically coherent (though not always very practical for everyday use) and vitally, is now the only internationally-recognised system for science, medicine, engineering and commerce. In fact in most countries the metric system generally is now the only legal one for trade, with a few specific exceptions in the UK.

Why should the metric system be used when doing a science project?

The metric system is the international standard of the scientific community.

What is the system of measurement used worldwide in science?


Why did did the french academy of science create the metric system?

In 1790, The National Assembly of France asked the French Academy of Science to create a standard system of weights and measures, thus the metric system.

Why is it important to use the metric system?

It is not really important or necessary; however in the world of science and measurement it is helpful, as it uses units of ten. +++ It's not necessary in a strictly arithmetical sense but the metric, or more importantly its SI derivative, IS "really important", because it is now the ONLY officially and internationally-recognised system for science, engineering and commerce. America is the only major nation not to have adopted it generally, except in science.

Why is it important to use metric units?

# It's just plain simpler to use a system based on the number 10. # The metric system is part of the International Standards system. It's used in science, as to be able to standardize calculations. # Apart from the USA, the whole world has implemented the metric system for international trade purposes.

Why do you use metric measurements in science?

i think they use metric system because it is easier to know.

Which of the British and Metric Systems is conducive to science?

Metric system should be used, to have international standardization.

Why is the metric system used exclusively in the sciences?

Because it is universally accepted and is the more rational; but the metric system is not used only in science, the system is general.

Why is it important to have a standard measurement system in science?

Why is it important to have a standard measurement system in science

Why is the metric system the preferred system of measurement of science?

Since the metric system is based on ten (10), it is easier for people, scientists, doctors, etc. to use.

What is system of measurement used in science?

The Metric system ex: centermeters, milliliters , and grams

What measument system is used in the science community?

The metric system, also known as the SI system of units, is the system most typically used in the science community.

Why do scentist metric systems?

Metric system is used by everyone, not just scientists. However, science and scientists have great influence of standardization of metric system to match everyday use.

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