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Mic level is -56 to -40 dbm. Line level is either -10 dbm or 4 dbm. You need a preamp to amplify a microphone to line level.

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Q: What is mic and line level audio?
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Separate plugs for Mic and audio.?

Separate plugs for Mic and audio.

What is audio line level output?

There are basically three levels in audio. Microphone level which is the very low level put out by a microphone. Speaker level is the very high level put out by a amplifier that feeds a speaker. Line level is the middle level that is used to feed audio between components. Consumer audio devices usually use a RCA connector for line level.

What is the gain for microphone?

To boost the low level of mic input to line level for mixing.

Can you connect an audio tape deck though a crt tv without a preamp?

If the tv has audio inputs it can be done. A preamp is needed only if you want to plug a mic. into a LINE IN connector.

How do you record audio from computer not from the mic but from the speakers but record from a video for example?

as i understand you question u want to record audio in you computer without mic. you can use stereo mix option

What outputs and inputs are available on a sound card?

Green audio out. Blue audio in. Red mic in.

What are the differences in aircraft headset jacks?

usually the standard jacks for aircrafts have a mono phone and microphone jacks. the phone is easily identified because the opening is bigger. One receives a phone and phone low audio, while the other takes the mic audio and mic key to the audio panel selector.

How do you connect your art tube mp studio mic preamp to your laptop and if i have a preamp do i need a mixer too for my home studio?

Yes it is just a preamp you need an audio interface that will connect the preamp to the audio interface into the computer and obviously a Mic in front of it

How can you change clipping level?

To change clipping in audio level you will have to do a few steps. First chick on the small icon in the lower left of the timeline that looks like a mountain, then click on the purple audio level line and drag it down to lower the level and if your wanting to increase it just drag it up.

How do you record real instruments on garage band?

use the mic input on your computer and change the setting to line input instead of internal mic or w.e or with a male to male audio cable you can get an adapter and plug an electric guitar in and play live and record .. depends what instruments .. all possible though

Can an XLR mic cable can be plugged into a MIDI port?

No. MIDI is a data port, not audio port.

Do you need a phone line for a webcam?

no it has a built in mic

Is it open mic or open mike?

Either is acceptable. Sound professionals tend to write "mic", though they pronounce it "mike". Outside the audio industry, "mike" is rather more common.

How do you record audio on Acid Music Studio 7.0?

Plug in a mic or instrument into your computer and press record.

Does any one know how to record audio with a samson go mic?

Yes, you press the record button !!! :)

Can you plug a computer straight to a pro audio amp?

Yes, provided that your amp has line level inputs, and you have the appropriate adapters.

Your case has front panel audio and mic but doesn't cut audio from main speakers when you insert headphone jack in front panel?

The audio signal to the speakers are not cut off since the connection to the front panel and speakers are in parallel.

How to find my microphone on my mac using Mobilepre plus Protools?

In Pro Tools 9 or 10, you can use the MobilePre as an audio interface. You must select it as the input in the hardware options. The mic must be connected to one of the XLR microphone inputs on the MobilePre, the phantom power turned on if it is a condenser mic, and an audio track armed with the first or second input selected (depending upon where you plugged in the mic).

Can you plug a boom mic into a flip video?

no i am sorry they can not... i am pretty sure that flip videos dont have a plugin for audio

Do you have to have red audio plug in hole to use turtlebeachs because i have a old TV and my mic isn't working with it.?

Yes, you have to have a red audio plug-in hole in order to use TurtleBeach headphones. The red hole is the microphone jack which is needed in order for you to use the mic on the headset. Most TVs do not come with these types of input.

What is a R 5 line xvid?

an R5 is the region code for a DVD. R5 would be the Russian region. The "line" refers to the audio line. Because they are Russian DVD's, the audio is in Russian. Therefore, pirates and bootleggers must "line" up the audio with an English track.

Can you use the double track on the electro harmonix polychorus for vocals?

Yes, though you will need either a matching transformer or a mic pre to get the mic level up to instrument level for low noise use.

How do you create an audio track on pro tools?

File> New Track Then select the type of audio file you are going to record, if it is a single mic or direct in select mono.

What is a pad in music terms?

Electronic mixers and other devices that receive signals from other instruments have to be able to deal with signals of varying strength. Mic level signals are not very strong compared to line level signals, for example, so there are often different inputs for mics and line in. Line level signals also vary dramatically. A pad switch reduces the strength of a signal before it is processed.

Where do you plug in your mic for your mac mini?

You have to use an USB audio interface because the new MacMini (2011 and later) doesn't have a mic input. The only sound input is a LineIn. The cheapest solution can be some USB-headset.

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