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What is militarization?

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Militarization is the way a country prepares its military and society to defend itself if it needs to. This includes organizing armies and naval fleets.

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How did military preparedness affect Europe?

Militarization can scare some nations who fear war is approaching. Militarization during the late 19th and early 20th centuries brought upon World War I. Militarization didn't have as much an effect for starting World War II, as there was a policy of appeasement.

What were the main causes of WWI?

Militarization, Arms Race, Nationalism, and something else.

Which one of the following was not an innovation that came about due to militarization in the 1800's?

larger farms

What led Hitler to believe that European powers would not interfere in his plans for Anschluss?

The lack of direct action to stop his militarization of the Rhineland.

How long is the border between north and south Korea?

It is 1 mile. It is called the de-militarization zone. no one can enter it r they will be shot at.

How does Bahrain view militarization of the Arctic?

The question of Arctic militarization is so far away from any of Bahrain's serious foreign policy considerations that the Bahraini Foreign Ministry probably has no opinion on the events or facts concerning the issue. Bahrain is a Middle Eastern country with no real interests or ambitions outside of the Middle East and relations with major world powers.

Why did Europeans want to establish colonies?

Colonies allowed Europeans to gains raw material that could be used for trade and militarization. Colonization was the basis for imperialism.

What generalization can you make about Napoleon's influence on Europe in 1812?

One generalization about Napoleon's influence on Europe in 1812 was the militarization of the continent. He was a military threat that was taken seriously.

In what ways does the relationship between Israel and Palestinians affect the rest of the region?

The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians destabilizes the region and results in increased militarization among nations.

What is New Zealand doing for the militarization of the arctic region?

For the arctic region - probably not a lot. It's a long way off. The ANTARCTIC region would probably be of greater interest to NZ.

What has the author MC Koop Berry written?

M.C. Koop Berry has written: 'The internal and external manifestations of militarization in developing countries' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Military policy, Militarism

What political reasons led to World War 1?

Militarization of each sides of the war. What got the U.S. into it was the sinking of the lusitania. it was a ship in England heading for th U.S. sunk by U-Boats i believe.

What is the boundary between north and South Korea?

Itis a mile-long piece of land called the De-Militarization Zone, or the DMZ. There are troops from both countries on both sides. If you enter the DMZ, you will be shot.

What has the author Kenneth W Grundy written?

Kenneth W. Grundy has written: 'The militarization of South African politics' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Political activity, Armed Forces, Politics andgovernment

Which events was the greater success in Hitlers foreign policy the re-militarization of the Rhineland in 1936 or the occupation of the Sudentenland in 1938?

Definatly the occupation of the Sudetenland because he used no military force, he simply gained it by fear.

What methods has the World community used to resolve conflicts sinceramente World War II?

Militarization has significantly impacted communities along the border where their. With the entry of the USA into World War II after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

How did Germany get involved in World War II?

Once Hitler assumed control of the German parliament, he had wasted no time in violating some of the terms in the Treaty of Versailles such as the build-up of armed forces, and the re-militarization of Rhineland in 1936.

How did Archduke Ferdinand die?

He was assassinated, along with his wife by Serbians while visiting Sarajevo (Bosnia, but annexed by Austria-Hungary) on June 28, 1914. His death triggered the outbreak of World War I, after decades of mounting militarization in Europe.

What are four causes of political instability that led to world war two?

There were many causes of the political instability that led to World War II. Among them were the heavy debt of the German nation, the Great Depression, the hatred of the Jews, and the militarization of the Rhineland.

Did albert Einstein support the dropping of the atom bomb on japan?

It came to a point that he supported the bomb. He indeed fled Germany when he saw the militarization in that country. Most of the Jews who did not fled Germany were patriots from the first war. When their eyes were opened, it was too late.

Are police forses becoming militarized to a point where we will end up fighting a civil war against them?

I have friends that are police officers and I don't think that they feel a militarization happening on the force. I don't believe that we will ever fight a civil war against our police forces.

Are south Koreans allowed in north Korea?

Absolutely not. There is a mile between the two countries called the "De-Militarization Zone", also called the DMZ, which seperates the two. Both countries have troops on either side, and if you go in the DMZ (without proper authorization), you will be shot.

What will India do next with their military against Pakistan?

Nothing! India, like Pakistan is incapable of instigating a war; lest the find themselves on the receiving end of Nuclear weapons. They will grow and maintain the status quo on the borders in Kashmir. The real question is what will Pakistan do, as a response to India Militarization?

Why did the soviets ask the US and Britain to attack Hitler's forces from the West?

A reason for that would be because, the Soviets were busy with militarization (mobilizing of troops) so they needed the british and US to attack so they had time to sneak up on Germany from behind. Also known as a 3 pronged attack

What war between Israel and Egypt results in the peace treaty by president Jimmy Carter?

The treaty was signed on March 26, 1979. The war had been going on, more or less, since 1948. Among the provision of the treaty was the De-militarization of the Sinai peninsula which the Israelis had captured in the 6-day war of 1967.

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