What is military?

The military is an organized fighting force.There are 5 branches the Army,Navy,Marines,
Air Force,and Coast Guard.Each one has a different job the Army is the largest branch handling ground assaults and some attack helicopters.The Navy controls the sea with their battleships, destroyers, anphibious landing craft,battlecruisers,cruisers,frigates,
and aircaft carriers,but they also have submarines,the Navy SEALS
and some helicopters for rescue.The Marines are the smallest branch but the best trained,they specalize in anphibious landings but can do anything from flying F-18s and
Cobra attack helicopters to commanding a battleship and doing joint operations with the Army.The Air Force are the leaders of everything that flies, like jet aircraft,all kinds of helicopters,recconnasince aircraft, weather data collecting planes, and radar jamming aircraft just to name a few.The Coast Guard does all the home guarding, if you get stuck in a hurricane and need rescue they`re the ones that will come save you,but they also do things with marine wildlife and helping out customs and border protection agency.They are the ones who check all the big cargo ships for drugs and illegals before they dock.All these are important to protecting us and neither one is more important than another so if you see someone in the military be sure to thank them for their service to our country.God Bless America!