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Q: What is military law regarding threatening of us civilians?
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What is the act of placing civilians under military authority known as?

martial law

Can Military civilians and contractors prosecuted for engaging in TIP overseas?

Possibly, but probably not. American contractors were employed by the Federal Government, which put them under the same protection as our military; they would be prosecuted in the US, and under US law (see the April 2015 conclusions of the Blackwater-Iraq trials). Regarding the other part of your question; 'contractor' is not a status; a person is either military or a civilian; but regardless, if they are employed on behalf, or by the government, they are subject to American law.

What is law and public safety?

Law is a set of rules that are meant to be followed by a community, state or country. Public safety is a level of action where the police or the military will provide protection for the civilians.

Is it legal for civilians to have body armour in Utah?

what is the law on body armor for civilians in Utah

What is term for person who acts on behalf of unprotected individuals like an Inspector General in the military?

The Inspector General in the military is able to act on behalf of unprotected individuals in the military. For civilians, law enforcement is a term for a person who acts on behalf of the unprotected individual.

Should civilians be military targets in wartime?

No, not from past wars, but they always were involved, one way or another. In today's 21st century, a new type of war has surfaced; the war against terrorism (the Global War on Terrorists). This war involves police work (law enforcement work). For the first time, the US Military (in the middle 1990s) was authorized to operate in and as law enforcement. This was due largely because of the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990, and the accompanying US Military base closures. With no reason to exist, the US military was faced with "near" extinction (un-employment), and thusly, accepted the NEW ROLE of law enforcement., "should civilians be military targets in wartime?" Under this new war (on terrorism) and under the new "military", civilians might be more involved than ever the enemy (terrorists) DO NOT wear uniforms, and neither do civilians.

What has the author William Winthrop written?

William Winthrop has written: 'Military law and precedents' -- subject(s): Courts-martial and courts of inquiry, Great Britain, Military law, United States 'Military law and precedents' -- subject(s): Military law 'Military law' -- subject(s): Military law 'An abridgment of Military law' -- subject(s): Military law, Laws, statutes

What should be in a law?

Anything which is antisocial and threatening the public

Can an active duty member donate leave to a civilian?

It seems to be a violation of appropriation law; Civilians are paid with O&M dollars and military members are paid with P&A dollars.

What is different between Martial Law and Military law?

Martial law is law enforcement by the military on a civilian population at times of emergency. Military law is a special kind of law code which military personnel become subject to when they enlist in the military. It would normally be enforced by the military police and courts Marshal. Military law does not normally apply to non enlisted personnel.

Is the h and k mp7 available to civilians?

The MP7A1 is not available for civilian use in the USAthe MP7A1 is now available to U.S. military and law enforcement organizations.

Are switch blades legal in NJ?

Not for civilians. Only law enforcement or military can carry one. I'm in the Army and live in Rutherford, I did the research about 6 months ago when i bought mine.

Why is terrorism a domestic law enforcement concern?

Crimes of ANY type carried out by civilians against governments and/or causing consequences to other civilians, are ALWAYS a concern of domestic law enforcement.

What means of dissent is against the law?

threatening the life of a leader

Which means dissent is against the law?

threatening the life of a leader

What means dissent is against the law?

threatening the life of a leader

What mean of dissent is against the law?

threatening the life of a leader

What is the law regarding how vacation is paid in ny?

There is no law regarding vacation pay. That is a union issue and/or a timeskeeper's duty.

The law of war prohibits intentional attack on whom?

Civilians and noncombatants

Law of war prohibits the intentional attack on whom?

noncombatants (civilians)

What does christian tradition say regarding the law?

Obey the law.

Can an active duty military soldier get joint custody of a minor?

An active duty military soldier can get joint custody of a minor child. There is not a lot of case law regarding custody and the military, but in cases without extenuating circumstances, joint custody can be given.

Which is supreme between civilian authority and military authority during times of martial law?

It is written in Art II Sec 3 that Civilian authority is at all times supreme over the military. Martial law also aims in protecting the people, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are supreme over the civilians during this time.

Are secret service members civilian?

Yes - In the sense that ALL non-military law enforcement personnel are civilians, the Secret Service is a branch f the Treasury Department, they are not part of the military.Added for clafification: Members of the law enforcement community will, among themselves, oftentimes make reference to "civilians." or "citizens," but what they are doing is differentiating between their status as 'sworn officers,' and members of the general public (i.e.: the 'non-law enforcement' community).

What is the role of the Royal Bahamas Police Force?

Just like any police force, they uphold the law, maintain order and peace, protect civilians and apprehend criminals. Their website is full of information regarding themselves and their mission