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What are an example of 3 things mined in maryland?

Maryland is a state rich in coal and peat. Other mines produce rocks like aggregate that is used in paving, gold, and large stones that are cut to specific dimensions called dimension stone.

Where is Boron mined?

where is boron mined at

Where is slate mined?

it is mined in Spain

How is malachite mined?

how is malachite mined

Is tin mined or manufactured?


Is uranium mined in Australia?

Yes, uranium is mined in Australia it is mined in South Australia

Are diamonds mined?

Yes, diamonds are mined.

What is mined in Jamaica?

Bauxite is mined in jamaica!!!!

Where are rubies mined?

Rubies can be mined in Africa.

Where is barium mined?

Barium is mined in Nevada

Where is manganese mined?

Manganese is mined in Colorado

Is titanium mined?

Yes. Titanium is mined

What is mined to get diamonds?

The earth is mined to get diamonds.

What are three minerals mined in Canada?

Is that mined? Then gold, silver and nickel, zinc, copper are all mined in Canada.

What was mined in Leadhills Lanarkshire that was not coal?

Lead and silver were mined at Leadhills and, for a time, gold was also mined there.

How is magnesium mined?

Yes, minerals of magnesium are mined.

What can be mined in Iowa?

Coal and lead can be mined in Iowa.

A homophone for mind?

mined (like mined for diamonds)

Where is steel mined?

steel is not mined it is man made

Where in south Africa is iron mined?

where and how iron is mined

Which were mined in the past and which are still mined today?


Is iron mined or manfactured?

Iron ore is mined.

How is Chert mined?

it is mined using surface mining

Is nuclear energy mined?

Uranium ore is mined

Is aluminum mined for?

Yes, aluminum must be mined.

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