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What is minus 10 fairenheit in Celsius?

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-10 degree Fahrenheit = -23.3333333 degree Celsius.

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What is minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit in celsius?

What is minus 10 degrees celsius in fahrenheit?

What is minus 10 Fahrenheit in Celsius?

-10 Fahrenheit = 23.3 Celsius

Convert 37.1 degrees celsius to fairenheit?

37.1 degrees Celsius is 98.78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Convert 39 degrees celsius to fairenheit?

39 degrees Celsius = 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit

What is 165 degrees Celsius in fairenheit?

Answer: 165 ºC = 329 ºF

What is 68 degrees fairenheit in Celsius?

Answer: 68 ºF = 20 ºC

What is 28.4 degrees fairenheit in Celsius?

Answer: 28.4 ºF = -2 ºC

-10 degrees F equals how many degrees Celsius?

Minus 10 °F = Minus 23 °C

How many degrees Celsius is minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit?

(-10) degrees Fahrenheit = -23.3 degrees Celsius.

What is 14 degrees Fahrenheit in Celsius?

14 F = -10 C14 degrees Fahrenheit = -10 degrees Celsius14 degrees Fahrenheit = minus 10 degrees Celsius

What is -10f equivalent to in degrees celsius?

minus 23 degreesCelsius is equal to minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit

Is -10 c hot or cold?

Minus 10 degrees Celsius (-10oC) is neither hot or cold. Anything minus is freezing, which is below cold.

Would a rock sink more quickly in 10 degrees Celsius water or minus 5 degrees Celsius water?

Trick question: At minus 5 degrees Celsius, water is a solid. A rock would sit on top of it.

Convert minus 10Celsius into Fahrenheit?

(-10) degrees Celsius = 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

What does minus 10centigrad equal in Fahrenheit?

(-10) degrees Celsius = 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is 105.0 Celsius in fairenheit?

It's easy to convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit by yourself. Tf = (9/5)*Tc+32, where Tc = temperature in degrees Celsius, Tf = temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.105 C is 221 F.

Minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit equals how many degrees Celsius?

Minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit is minus 40 degrees Celsius.

What is minus 17 degrees celsius in Fahrenheit?

(minus 17) degrees Celsius = 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit

What temperature is 10 degrees less than 6 degrees celsius?

Minus 4 degrees Celsius is 10 degrees colder than plus 6 degrees Celsius. Or, it would be 24.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit in Celsius?

Minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit is minus 45.56 degrees Celsius. See the Related Link below for a Fahrenheit to Celsius converter.

What is minus 134 degrees Fahrenheit in Celsius?

-134 degrees Fahrenheit is equal to a temperature of -92.22 degrees Celsius.

What is 40 degrees Celsius in fairenheit?

Start by multiplying 40 with 9 and divide it by 5. Then add 32 to the answer. So, in this case the answer is 104 degree fahrenheit.

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