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What is mission?

a mission usally is something you have to complete in a certain amount of time

What are missions?

church outposts known as missions. The UN MISSIONS mean peace keep forces army .Every army troops of country goes.PAKISTAN AUSTRALIA AMERICA SOUTH AFRICA AND MANY OTHER . Except INDIA Every Country Goes To The Peace Keeping Troops.

What is a mission?

A mission is a church that has a religious settlement. It is usedto convert Native-Americans to christianity .

Who were the Incredibles?

A search og Google with the term, "The Incredibles" will provide an answer for you.

A sentence with incredible?

It is incredible that this was an actual question asked on WikiAnswers. This question is BEYOND incredible. It just seemed SO incredible that i was amazed. His repot card was incredible that he got taken out to dinner by his family.

What are the incredible hulks enemies?

In the 2008 movie it was the abomination. In the 2003 movie it was general Ross/military. In the computer game The Hulk its madman halflife the leader the leaders army gamma dogs and ravage. In the incredible hulk ultimate destruction its blonsky his wife general Ross and the abomination HO ( Full Answer )

What rhymes with incredible?

able actual aerial agile aisle amble ample anal angel angle ankle annual annul anvil apple April artful aural austral awful axal axil axle babble babel baffle bagel baleful banal funal edible legible mendable sendable vegetable

Is there an Incredibles 2?

Yes. It is set to release June 15th 2018. The first teaser trailer was released on November 18th 2017.

Where can I download The Incredibles?

You can download it on iTunes if you would like it on your iPod. . There are a lot of services online that will let you watch movies online, some are free, some aren't. . You can buy the DVD and play it on your computer as well. .

What were the missions?

a group or committee of persons sent to a foreign country to conduct negotiations, establish relations, provide scientific and technical assistance, or the like.

What was a mission?

First off it should be What is a mission? A mission is a religious settlement where Natives were set to workand pray. The Spanish put them to work in the missions to convertthe Natives to the catholic religion as they conquered more andmore Native tribes.

What is the villain in The Incredibles?

His name is Buddy, AKA - Syndrome. Also there are the secondary villains, Mirage, Omnidroid, Gilbert Huph, Bomb Voyage, and the Underminer.

What is a sentence for incredible?

One sentence could be "That was an incredible story." Another can be " The view is incredible". Then too you can say "I had an incredible time at the game."

What is the root of incredible?

The root to incredible is credible. It means that something is soawesome it nearly seems incredible. It can also mean that somethingis not credible.

What is a sentence for incredibly?

EXAMPLES: 1) you are incredibly beautiful!! 2) your sewing is incredibly well done ma'm. 3) my dad is incredibly intelligent at baseball.

How old you have to be to ride the incredible hulk?

older than 6 years of age. and height doesn't matter. if you're 23 or 42 you should be okay. there's no age limit on the hulk as long as you can handle the intense G-Forces.

How do you get to do the mission?

Club penguin missoins can be acessed if you are a Secret Agent, if you are go to the HQ "head quaters" and click on the mission ready button. Then select the mission you would like to do. If you are not a sectret agent you must be 30 days old, then you click the badge in the upper right hand corner ( Full Answer )

Is incredible also a miracle?

Incredible means beyond belief or understanding.This can also apply to a miracle which is any amazing or wonderful occurrence that we do not fully understand. Miracles only occure through devine intervention.

Is there going to be a third Incredible Hulk?

There wasn't a second Incredible Hulk movie so naturally therecan't be a third. The next time the Hulk appeared was w/ Mark Ruffolo replacingEdward Norton in The Avengers.

How fast can the incredible hulk run?

Hulk can't run. His legs are too strong, he destroys the ground. But if you put him on unbreakable surface his speed would be limitless because he gets stronger the madder he gets. On regular ground Hulk runs 300 mph.

What superpowers does the incredibles have?

Violet- She go be instantly invisible and can generate protective force fields. Dash- Super Speed Jack-Jack- Shape Shifting, levitation, super strength, walks through walls. Mr.Incredible- Super Strength. Elastic girl- Body stretch.

What are the incredent of scotch?

Water, alcohol (made from malted barley that may be smoked over a peat fire), and what are called cogeners . Cogeners are the molecules that attach to the alcohol and/or water during distillation that give each type of liquor its unique flavor. However, the higher proof you distill something to, or ( Full Answer )

How old is the incredible hulk ride?

the roller coaster is eleven years old and in need of a paint job. and the hulk comic book hero is well over ten thousand years of age.

How much is johns incredible pizza?

Through out the week from 11-3, the price for adults is $6.99 plus tax for evenings and weekends it is $9.49 plus tax. For seniors their is a one dollar discount on both prices. For children ages 3-6 the price is $4.49 for ages 7-12 the price is $5.99. These prices do not include the unlimited sof ( Full Answer )

Who was Kari McKeen in The Incredibles?

"Kari McKeen" is a friend of the Parr's. Violet asks her to baby-sit Jack-Jack so that Violet and Dash can stow away on their mom's trip to find Mr. Incredible. She is voiced by Bret (Brook) Parker.

Do you have to get internet on the HTC droid incredible?

Unfortunately, you must get internet on any smartphone. I know mine cost $15 dollars a month for the cheapest plan. I am planning to change over from At&t to Verizon as soon as my contract is over.

What is the incredible bulk theory?

the incredibe bulk theory is when you eat a lot of food and you become fat and obese in a short amount of time causing emmence amount of gas. when this gas is expelled it creates a very dangerous illness called bulkaphitas that is very contageous.

What is the opposite of incredibly?

The opposite would be believably or credibly. However, the adverb is often used to mean unexpectedly , where the opposite would be obviously or as expected .

What powerdoes Mr Incredible has in Incredibles?

The power that the dad has is that he is strong. The power that the mom has is that she can stretch her body. The power that the boy or brother has is that he can run fast. The power that the girl or sister has is that she can protect herself or anyone with her powers.

What are the powers of the incredibles?

The Dad has super strength,The mom is flexible and can turn her body into anything,the sister has a force field and can turn invisible, the older brother has super speed, and the younger brother who is just now Lear ing how to eat can turn into anything he wants to like metal man.

What is the opposite of incredible?

incredible-beyond belief opposite would be credible or believable incredible-marvelous opposite would be mundane or dull

What superpowers did the incredibles have?

Bob (Mr Incredible) was Strong, Helen (Mrs Incredible/Elastagirl)was Strechy, Violet was Invisable, Dash was a fast runner, and JackJack was Fire, i believe.

How do you spell incredibles?

That is the correct spelling, but the adjective "incredible" has no plural. The term would have to be the proper noun "The Incredibles" (family of superheroes from the Disney movie in 2004).

Who is the star of the Incredibles?

Craig T. Nelson stars as Mr. Incredible in the movie, The Incredibles. Other stars in the movie include Holly Hunter as Elastigirl and Jason Lee as Syndrome.

How do you spell incredable?

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Is incredible a noun?

No, the word 'incredible' is an adjective , a wordused to describe a noun, for example an incredible sight;an incredible deal. The noun forms for the adjective incredible are incredibleness andincredibility.