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mitosis is the processes in cell division when the nucleus divides usually with four stages: prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase. The end result is usually two nuclei-one from father the other from mother. miosis is the genetics of cell division that produces reproductive cells in sexually reproducing organisms; the nucleus divides itself into four and contains half the original chromosome number (begins at forty six then after halved twenty three)

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Difference between miosis and mitosis?

Mitosis is asexual reproduction and miosis is sexual reproduction.

What do mitosis reproduce cells with?


How do you divided cells?

miosis and mitosis

What are the stages of miosis?

The stages of miosis is the stages as well as mitosis but moisis does the stages again after the 2 duaghter cells seperating so miosis is pratically mitosis but after the 2 duaghter cells seperating

What cell division produces body cells?

Both mitosis and miosis. Mitosis produces tissue cells, and miosis produces the sex cells.

What is the phase of mitosis where the chromosomes lines at the center?


What are the two types of cell divsion?

Mitosis and Miosis

What are the two main divisions of cells?

Miosis and mitosis

What are the three main steps in the diploid life cycle?

miosis mitosis

The two most fundamental division of cell types are?

mitosis and miosis

What is the process in which cells divide to from two new cells?

Mitosis and Miosis.

Chromosomes can be seen only during what?

During cell division (Mitosis, Miosis)

Do human use mitosis or miosis?

Humans use both- mitosis to grow, meiosis to form sex cells for reproduction.

Are sex cells made during meiosis?

Yes, but on the other hand Mitosis (Not miosis) is the separation of a cell.

How does the number of chromosomes of a daughter cell produced through meiosis compare to one produced through mitosis?

during miosis the chromosome number is doubled. Then it is halfed during miosis 1. then, during meiosis 2, the sister chromatids are pulled apart.

How do the new cells formed during cell division compare with the initial cells?

it depends if they go under mitosis or miosis. i'd research these. :)

Difference between mitosis and miosis?

Mitosis produces 2 daughter cells, and meiosis produces 4. Meiosis produces new cells with half the genetic material. Mitosis produces daughter cells with the same amount of genetic material as the original cell.

Is mitosis asexual or sexual?

It is asexual because it doesn't occur with the presence of an egg and sperm. All body cells have the capability of mitosis. In asexual reproduction, like that of an ameoba, it uses mitosis to reproduce instead of miosis since there isn't a gender and it's single-celled

What is Miosis?

Miosis is constriction of the pupil of the eye. It is the normal reaction to an increase in the amount of light entering the eye, but can also be linked to pathological conditions, microwave radiation exposure and certain drugs.Please see the related question "What is Meiosis?" for information on cell division. Also, see "What is Mitosis?".

What is the fourth and final phase of mitosis?

telophase - the nuclear envelope starts to reform, the chromasomes decoil back to chromation. Pinching off will occur in animal cells, a new cell wall will appear in plant cells, this is cytokinesis, what follows mitosis. just remember : pmat for mitosis, pmatmat of miosis.

What controls cell division?

nucleus all i know is the acids that make up the chromosomes double and then split into two cells. this is mitosis. in sex cells it is called miosis.

What is the medical definition of Miosis?

The medical definition of Miosis is contraction of the pupil in the eye. You can learn more about Miosis online from the Wikipedia. Once on the page, type "Miosis" into the search box at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the information.

What is the difference between a parent cell and a daughter cell?

Parent cell differentiate and form a daugher cell.(One will become two by means of separation like mitosis or miosis)

How are mitosis and miosis similar?

i'm not sure if this will help you any, but I think they have to do with cells. It's when they split into identical sets of chromosomes. Like I said not sure if this will answer your question but I tried :P

What type of cell does miosis make?

Meiosis, not miosis, makes four haploid sex cells.

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