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What is mixed economics?

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mixed Economics involves different types of system/methods used in different countries. Now mixed economy is a privately and public own businesses in a certian country.

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What type of economic system does Nigeria have?

Nigeria practice mixed economics

What is Canada's main economic activities?

Canada has a mixed economics system.

What type of economy system in South Korea?

A mixed economics system.

When socialist and capitalist elements of economics are combined it is called?

mixed economy

Where does economics word originates?

in the past period, economics is known as pultology. as the economy rises the liberalisation, privatisation, replaced by globalisation or with mixed economy. the moderm economist such as adam smith, michael hodge termed it as economics.............

List all three types of Mixed economics system?

Capitalism, Communism & Democratic Socialism.

What are the different views in economics?

Socialist or free market. All else is a twist on this. capitalism mixed market

How is responsible citizenship different in mixed and market economics?

a market economy only cares about themselves they dont care about the employees (if they lose their job) a mixed economy cares for the employees and locals i think?

What are three main economics for economic system?

There are 3 main economics for economic system which are given below: 1.) Capitalism economic system 2.) Socialism economic system 3.) Mixed economic system .

What are the classifications of economics?

classification of economics 1-Applied economics 2-Theoretical economics i)Welfare economics ii)Positive economics(i-Micro economics,ii-Macro economics,iii-Mathematical economics)

Classification of economics?

classification of economics 1-Applied economics 2-Theoretical economics i)Welfare economics ii)Positive economics(i-Micro economics,ii-Macro economics,iii-Mathematical economics)

What is macro environment and macro economical structure?

I think the questioner has got a computer term (the former) mixed up with an Economics term (the latter).

What has the author Timothy J Yeager written?

Timothy J. Yeager has written: 'Institutions, transition economies, and economic development' -- subject(s): Comparative economics, Economic development, Institutional economics, International economic relations, Mixed economy

Where can one find information on a mixed economy?

Almost all modern economies can be considered "mixed economies" in some sense, even that of the United States. Any economics textbook, or class, should be able to provide further information on the concept of a mixed economy, and the advantages and disadvantages of same.

What has the author Frank Livesey written?

Frank Livesey has written: 'A textbook of core economics' -- subject(s): Economics 'Stage 1 economics' -- subject(s): Economics 'Dictionary of Economics' 'Economics' -- subject(s): Economics, Marketing, Problems, exercises 'A modern approach to economics' -- subject(s): Economics 'Economics (A.C.C.A.)' 'Economics for business decisions' -- subject(s): Managerial economics 'Economics (Marketing)' 'A textbook of economics' -- subject(s): Economics 'Objective tests in A Level economics' -- subject(s): Economics, Examinations, questions, Problems, exercises

What does cpe stand for in chemistry?

CPE in chemistry stands for chemistry processing engineering. Chemical engineering is a branch of life sciences mixed with mathematics and economics.

What is the Difference between economics and manegrial economics?

difference between economics and managerial economics

How was modern economics named modern economics?


What is Kensington economics?

Kesington economics is actually Keynesian economics.

What are the basic division in economics?

micro economics and macro economics

What is relationship between managerial economics and macro economics?

Macro economics studies and deals with Micro economics

What is the difference between MSc Economics and MA Economics?

what is difference between msc economics and ma economics

What has the author Erik Angner written?

Erik Angner has written: 'A course in behavioral economics' -- subject(s): BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Economics / General, BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Decision-Making & Problem Solving, BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Economics / Microeconomics, BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Economics / Theory, Economics, Psychological aspects, PSYCHOLOGY / Industrial & Organizational Psychology

What is the meaning of economics?

what is Economics? Economics is how wealth is developed, managed, and divided.

Give the 2 division of economics?

Micro economics and macro economics