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Modernism in music is the idea that if it has a theme you can hum, or a beat you can keep, the composer has failed.

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What influenced modernism?

Modernism was largely influenced by the Industrial age. Modernism includes all forms of art, music, literature and lifestyles in general and came about because people thought that these things were becoming outdated.

What has the author Hans Emons written?

Hans Emons has written: 'Komplizenschaften' -- subject(s): American Art, Art and music, Art, American, Avant-garde (Aesthetics), History, History and criticism, Modernism (Art), Modernism (Music), Music

Country music is always trying to find a balance between?

Tradition and modernism

What is the current music period called?

Its called, as it says in latin, "modernictus", though for us it is modernism

What has the author Walter Edwin Duncan written?

Walter Edwin Duncan has written: 'Ultra-Modernism in Music'

What is an example of modernism?

The writing of Immanuel Kant. Modernism was a societal movement best reflected in literature and art, including music and architecture. There is a lot of disagreement about exactly when it began and with whom, but Kant was unquestionably a modernist.

What are some characteristics of modernism?

Wikipedia 'Modernism'

How can an allusion be used in modernism?

He was not short sighted, he had modernism in his veins. modernism is very different now.

Which 20th century style is described as the popular modernism period?

Post-Modernism and Modernism to some extent

What part of speech is the word modernism?

Modernism is a noun.

What set the stage for modernism?

what set the stage of modernism

What was Xenakis' musical historic period?

The music of Iannis Xenakis would fall in the "Post-1945 Modernism" epoch of Western European classical music tradition.

Difference between modernism and post modernism?

The difference between modernism and post modernism are the highlights and approaches towards life. It also differs in the ways of thinking that led to these movements.

In America the early 1900s is when modernism took hold?


What is a sentence for the word modernism?

The decorations in my house was filled with modernism.

How did modernism start?

Modernism is a reaction against earlier kinds of art.

What are the differences between minimalism and post-modernism?

new ideas

When did American modernism start?

The actual question is: Who is the American Architect who is called the Father of Modernism? Answer: Louis Sullivan is the American Architect called the Father of Modernism. The actual question is: Who is the American Architect who is called the Father of Modernism? Answer: Louis Sullivan is the American Architect called the Father of Modernism.

What is the rise of the americana style of music in the 1990 s an example of?

country musics ongoing struggle to balance tradition and modernism (APEX)

Did The Lost Generation writers have an impact on the emergence of modernism?

what had an impact on the emergence of modernism

What artistic movement came after modernism?

There is this very vague term 'Post-modernism'.

As a movement modernism is best defined as a?

As a movement, modernism is best defined as a __reaction

Why does Modernism focus on the thoughts and feelings of the writer?

Modernism believes that reality is subjective.

When did modernism began and end?

The period of modernism began in 1914 and ended in 1939.

What is the relationship between modernism and post modernism?

Modernism was dominant in the culture between the 1890s and around 1945, while Postmodernism emerged after WWII. Modernism was centered on logic, and Postmodernism rejected such strict adherence to rational thought.

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