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What is modified Milk?


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August 06, 2011 9:18PM

Modified milk ingredients can be any form of chemically modified milk sources to extract whey milk proteins, calcium, fat, casein and other milk components. The result is usually in the form of a powder or a paste. Modified milk ingredients is often used in mass-produced ice cream to replace actual cream. Modified milk ingredients come from New Zealand and Europe. It is a way for these countries to export milk products to Canada and the US without being hit by quotas and tariffs that strictly govern the import of milk products in North America. Since North American milk is price controlled by the government, using foreign modified milk ingredients reduces the cost of manufactured food products in Canada and the US that require milk. Using chemically modified milk ingredients in combination with gums, thickeners and emulsified oils is also the only way of producing 0% fat ice cream and cheese.

In Canada, companies making ice cream made of modified milk ingredients can no longer label their products as "ice cream", having to resort to the appellation "Frozen Dessert".