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Molto cantabile is an Italian musical term. This means song-like. This term is often found at the beginning of a piece.

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What does the musical term molto cantabile mean?

with a very singing tone

What is 'Ma non troppo e molto cantabile' when translated from Italian to English?

"But not too much and in a singing style" is an English equivalent of the Italian phrase Ma non troppo e molto cantabile. The pronunciation will be "ma non TROP-po ey MOL-to kan-TA-bee-ley" in Italian.

What is the tempo of Mozarts symphony No 41?

The first movement's tempo was Allegro Vivace, the second was Andante Cantabile, the third was Menuetto: Allegretto, and the last was Finale: Molto Allegro.

What is 'molto sostenuto e cantabile' when translated from Italian to English?

"Very much sustained and in a singing style" is an English equivalent of the Italian phrase molto sostenuto e cantabile. The masculine singular phrase numbers among the Italian-influenced phrases in music terminology. The pronunciation will be "MOL-to SO-stey-NOO-to ey kan-TA-bee-ley" in Italian.

Where can you get a translation of Moderato Cantabile?

moderato cantabile

How many episodes is in the anime series Nodame Cantabile?

The anime series "Nodame Cantabile" has 24 episodes . (Nodame Cantabile: Paris has 11 eps and Nodame Cantabile: Finale has 12 eps .)

In music what does cantabile assai?

Cantabile - singing styleAssai - very

What does cantabile mean in musical terms?

Cantabile - in a smooth, singing style

When was Cantabile - book - created?

Cantabile - book - was created in 2000.

When was Nodame Cantabile created?

Nodame Cantabile was created on 2009-12-19.

What is the ISBN of Moderato Cantabile?

The ISBN of Moderato Cantabile is 978-1-84749-052-0.

What does cantabile assai mean?

Cantabile meaning singing style (melodic) and Assai meaning very; Cantabile Assai when seen as a musical direction simply means very melodic

What is cantabile?

in a singing style

What is 'molto' when translated from Italian to English?

Molto in Italian means "very" in English.

Where can you download anime nodame cantabile finale subs for free?

What is very loud in italian?

Molto rumoroso, molto forte, ad alta voce (referred to music, voice), molto sgargiante, molto vistoso (referred to clothes and colours),

Where can you watch nodame cantabile?

How tall is Mercedes Molto?

Mercedes Molto is 167 cm.

What actors and actresses appeared in Moderato cantabile - 1992?

The cast of Moderato cantabile - 1992 includes: Mayte Cabezas as Herself - Hostess

What is molto pesante?

molto pesante is used to indicate you must play very heavilydirect translation is very (molto) heavy (pesante)

Can you watch nodame cantabile Paris in English?


What is cantabile mean in piano?

song like

What does legato cantabile mean?

What does ritardando mean

What does cantabile e dolce mean?

Cantabile e Dolce means in a singing style and sweetly. This is a phrase often used in music to created a mood.

What are the ratings and certificates for Moderato cantabile - 1960?

Moderato cantabile - 1960 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:16 West Germany:16