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What is more important than life?



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In answer to your question, I would say quality. The quality of life is obviously much more important than quantity, just look at how many people smoke pot. If they were after more quantity they wouldn't use, but they, as well as all of us, are looking for more quality. I also believe that in order to have a quality life, you must bloom where ever you are planted, and don't allow your conditions to drag you down. It's all up to you, in the end, to decide what's important to you, but remember that your mind can make you see things you've seen before, but overlooked a thousand times or more. So excersise your mind, read a news paper upside down, play a game of chess at the park, go salsa dancing with your imagination. I promise your mind will give you un-harvested pleasure, and when you truly free your thoughts, you will find the quality that we all seek.

if you really want to know the answer, I believe it is believes, many people devote his or her whole life into belief.