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I say about the exact opposite of the former answer, if you really like him(which you obviously do) then take what you can get and he may give you another chance if he realizes that what made him break up with you is not true, that you have changed since then, etc. Also, if you have no contact with him, he might realize that he wants you back but will think that you've moved on and don't like him anymore so he won't even try to get you back... In other words, prove him wrong about his reasons for breaking up with you and give him a chance to realize that he might have made a mistake by breaking up with can just try...

Dont cling to false hope. This guy is toying with you. Have some pride and have no contact and when he comes begging tell him he missed the boat.

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Q: What is more likely to bring him back after a breakup no contact or being friends when he made it clear that you can either be friends or have no contact at all?
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