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Traditionally, the moving of the tassel at graduation is called, "turning the tassel" or "the turning of the tassel ceremony." It symbolizes one's transition from candidate to graduate. Standard protocol in the US dictates that the tassel be worn on the right side of one's mortarboard at commencement and then, during the ceremony, moved to the left side. Teachers and administrators at commencement place their tassels on the left.

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Q: What is moving of tassel at graduation called?
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What is moving the tassel over called?

turning the tassel or turning of the tassel.

What should be said to turn the tassels?

In moving a graduation tassel, this represents moving from a child's life to a new life as an adult. A nice poem or verse pertaining to a new start would be good.

What is said during the turning of the tassel?

There is no common saying that occurs during the turning of the tassel but it common for a speech to be given. Turning of the tassel occurs during a graduation ceremony.

What is the graduation head cover called?

The graduation "cap" is called a mortar I believe. The cap and tassel have a long history of educational significance. The graduation cap today continues to signify personal and academic achievement, despite the fact it's only worn for a few hours!

What side of the graduation cap should the tassel hang for high school before graduation ceremony?

Right moved to left

Should preschool and kindergarten graduates also turn the tassel during a graduation ceremony?

Turning the tassel might be a little bit much for children that age.

What side of the graduation cap should the tassel hang for high school?

Left side.

What side should the tassel go on graduation pictures?

Traditionally, at the ceremony, the tassel hangs to the right, then either en masse or as the diploma/degree is given, it is switched to the left. For the purposes of photographs taken before you graduate you should hang the tassel to the left as the pictures are of a graduate, not of a someone who will graduate.

What would you see hanging from a rearview mirror in a car?

Fuzzy Dice, Air Freshener, Beads, Cross, Graduation Tassel

What is the most beautiful college wear?

The most beautiful college wear is the cap and the gown upon graduation. The cap and the gown of college wear is beautiful because of the message that it sends to the wearer that a major goal has been accomplished which is in this case, graduation. The college wear that consist of a cap and a gown is also adorned with a gold, white or a black tassel to indicate that graduation has been accomplished. The toss of the tassel from the left to the right of the cap as applicable indicates graduation, which is not only a beautiful adornment but a beautiful achievement, as well.

What is a red felt cap with a tassel called?

I'm thinking of a Fez.

On what side of the graduation cap should the tassel hang?

According to the answer posted for another question, US protocol is for it to start on the student's right and be moved during the ceremony to the left.

Which side does the graduation tassel go after a student graduates?

For high school graduations and undergraduate degrees, it goes on the right before you graduate and is then switched to the left after you graduate. For masters degrees and doctorates, it starts on the left and stays on the left. It is not moved before, during, or after graduation.

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Why would your graduation be a significant moment?

Because you are moving on to a next level. If it was a High school graduation, you'd be leaving there for good. Leaving friends, teachers, and the environment If it was a Kindergarten graduation, then you'd be moving up from babies to kids. Any graduation deserves a celebration, from school, work, or even one you made up. -Allie(:

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Graduation in Pakistan?

the 14 year education in Pakistan is called graduation

In US if anyone pass high school 12th grade is it called graduation?

Yes, it is. It is graduation from high school, or also called secondary school graduation.

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No, a tassel is a string bobble hanging from the fez

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