What is muscle imbalance?

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Its exactly what you would presume it would be, its when one mucle is largly bigger than the other... so if you do 500 bicep curls a day with your right hand, but you dont do any on your left, within a few weeks to a few months you will have a muscle imbalance
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What is hormonal imbalance?

its when a persons hormones are not balanced out. it can lead to mental illnesses.

Is it possible for serious electrolyte imbalance to caise severe muscle and joint pain throughout the body?

I am not a doctor, but I believe I have issues with electrolyte imbalance. I notice that every so often I begin to get a pain that starts in my abdomen and slowly creeps up my

What is regional imbalance?

A policy, adopted by government, aimed at redressing http://www.answers.com/topic/uneven-development within a country. The incentives for a government to tackle regional imb

What is imbalance in the environment?

In the environment, everything is reusable and replenishable but at a certain rate. The certain rate is the much environment can balance itself. Overly consume or damage would

What are electrolyte imbalances?

any reduction in electrolytes than the contol value that may lead to physical or mental disturbances.

Why do you have heat imbalance?

Type your answer here... scientifically speaking, you have this because you are missing you number 15 chromosome. you need medical attention now. -Sincerley, Dr. Hillfig

What is imbalance?

Imbalance is the state or condition of lacking balance, as in proportion or distribution.

What is link imbalance?

Link Imbalance is when a Website's internal Link Architecture is not designed correctly. It is caused by attributing too much importance to very unique Webpages, or too little
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What is a phosphorus imbalance?

Phosphorus imbalance refers to conditions in which the element phosphorus is present in the body at too high a level (hyperphosphatemia) or too low a level (hypophosphatemia)
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What is magnesium imbalance?

A mineral found in the fluid that surrounds cells, magnesium (Mg) is an essential component of more than 300 enzymes that regulate many body functions. Imbalances occur when t
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What is Homonal Imbalance?

a hormonal imbalance is when your body doesn't have the right amount of hormones. a women has a lot of estrogen and a little amount of testosterone. witch are hormones, a man
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What is osmotic imbalance?

Osmotic balance is centric around the concentration of sodium chloride across the cell membrane. When the concentration is higher outside the cell, the cell is in a hypertonic