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Your dad's cousin would be your cousin, once removed. The 'once removed' means that there is a generation difference between you and your dad's cousin. Your granddad's cousin would be your cousin, twice removed. The 'twice removed' means there are two generations difference between you and your granddad's cousin.

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i always thought it went to 2nd and third cousin neve heard of removed until recently
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Q: What is my dad's cousin in relation to me?
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What relation is your dads cousin son to you?

He's your cousin

What relation is your dads cousins child and you?

Your dad's 1st cousin's child is your 2nd cousin.

What relation is my cousin's cousin to me?

There is 2 answers your mothers brothers children or your dads sister;"s children

Who is your dads cousin to you?

Your second cousin

What relation does the cousin of your cousin have to you?

Your cousin's cousin could either be your cousin or no relation at all.

What relation is it if its my dad's sister's daughter's husband?

Hes now relation to you really. You dads sister would be your auntie You aunties daughter would be your cousin I think you could call him cousin in law but im not sure Yes, you can call it cousin in Law.

Your cousin is what relation to your husband?

He is of relation as a cousin-in-law.

What are you to your dads nefew?


Can you marry your dads cousin?

not really

What relation is your aunts cousin to you?

Your Aunt's first cousin may be your second cousin, onve removed or may be no relation to you at all.

What is the relation of my mom's cousin's husband's brother?

Your mom's cousin's husband's brother is your mom's cousin's brother-in-law. There is no relation to you.

What relation is a husband's cousin to me?

your cousin

Is your step dads sisters daughter any relation to you?

Yes they are a relation to you.

Mothers cousin is what relation to you?

Your cousin. You are that person's second cousin.

My cousin's child in relation to me?

your cousin's child will be your 2nd cousin.

What relation is your Grandmothers cousin in laws grandson to you?

There is no relation between you and your grandmother's cousin-in-law's grandson.

Is my cousin's husband's cousin my 3rd cousin?

No, you have no blood relation to your cousin's husband's cousin. You are in-law's with that person because your relation is by marriage through your cousin's husband, who is your cousin-in-law much like your sibling's husband would also be an in-law.

What is your dads cousins child to you?

your third cousin

What is your dads sisters daughter?

Hopefully your cousin

What do you call my dads brothers daughter?

A cousin.

What do you call your dads brothers kids?

your cousin.

What relation are you to your cousin's spouse?

still your cousin

What relation is my cousin's wife to me?

she is you cousin in law.

What is my relation to my cousin's children?

Second cousin

What relation is your wife's cousin to you?

They are your cousin-in-law.