What is name of movie aired on TCM that had 'Gift of Magi ' plot. Black and white movie Wife sells hair to buy husband watch fob. He sells watch to buy wife hair ornament?

I can recall a story that's part of a full-length movie "Full House" (1952), based on five short stories by the author, O. Henry. and it is No. 5 on the list:

1] The Cop and the Anthem - with Charles Laughton, David Wayne, and Marilyn Monroe

2] The Clarion Call - with Dale Robertson and Richard Widmark

3] The Last Leaf - with Anne Baxter and Jean Peters

4] The Ransom of Red Chief - with Oscar Levant and Fred Allen

5] The Gift of the Magi - with Farley Grainger and Jeanne Crain

The short stories in the movie, some of the most popular ones written by O. Henry, are introduced by John Steinbeck, each in turn, some are comedies and some tragedies.

Hope this helps!