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Acid Reflux

What is natural treatment for acid reflux?


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January 25, 2014 3:12AM

The best natural treatments for acid reflux are lifestyle modifications. Eating smaller, more frequent meals instead of a few large meals, sitting up for at least an hour after each meal (instead of immediately lying down in bed), and avoiding certain foods that can potentially aggravate acid reflux such as mint, spicy foods, alcohol, and stopping smoking are natural ways to improve acid reflux symptoms and should be tried before starting medications.

it is better if you take natural remedies such as an apple a day. i have had the same problem for over 3 years, the doctors always give me different medication but it doesn't help for long. I have started eating an apple a day for like 2 weeks now, i have noticed that my stomach has gone better, i can digest food properly and eat everything


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