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Judges usually hire law students during their second or third years of law school to begin working as law clerks after they graduate. The term "law clerk" is also sometimes used to refer to law students who are working for a law firm for the summer or part-time during the semester, or after graduation while they are waiting for their bar results. Law clerks, whether they are working for a judge, a law firm, or some other legal employer, are people who are either in law school or who have recently graduated.

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Q: What is needed to become a law clerk?
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What interest are needed to become a lawyer?

You like law

What is law clerk in Hebrew?

law clerk = פקיד החוק (pah-KEED ha-CHOHK)

What qualifications are needed to become a lawyer in Australia?

a law degree

Whose signature is needed for a bill to become law?


What is an articled clerk?

An articled clerk is an apprentice in law.

What is an articling clerk?

An articling clerk is an alternative name for an articled clerk, an apprentice in law.

How old was Charles Dickins when he became a law clerk?

How old was Charles Dickins when he became a law clerk?

How much does a law clerk make in Canada?

A starting salary for a a law clerk is $40,000 - $50,000 annually.

What degree is needed to become a juvenile defense attorney?

Law Degree

What certificate is needed to become a prosecutor?

Generally a law degree is required

What Qualification are needed to become a judge?

you will need a dgree in law and a qwt in art

What education needed to become a lawyer?

At least a Bachelor's degree in law(LL.B)----in India.

How many states were needed to ratify the constitution before it become a law?

9 ~apex

How much a law clerk makes?

According to, the median salary of a law clerk is around $54,000 per year.

What requirements are needed for one who is looking for jobs as a law clerk?

Most law clerks are going to be a recent law school graduate, who graduate near the top of their class. Clerkships are highly competitive, and most applicants will have previous experience with law review or moot court.

Did Charles Dickens become a political reporter and travel?

He became a law clerk, then a court reporter. If he traveled for this job, it would have been with the Assizes.

Law Clerk?

With a renewed interest in the legal profession, many individuals who may have contemplated a career in the law field find the amount of training, education, cost, and time required to practice law too overwhelming to pursue. Fortunately, there is a specific career choice that allows for employment within the field of law with far less training and education to complete. This fascinating job is that of a law clerk. The specific job description of a law clerk consists primarily of conducting research, gathering files, data collection, sending correspondence to litigants, and provides administrative support for an attorney and/or law firm. There are also law clerk positions within the judicial system that work directly under the guidance of a judge, performing the above duties for the court. There may also be circumstances in which the law clerk will be needed to assist an attorney or judge during trial proceedings in court as well. Many of the duties assigned to a law clerk involve preparation of legal forms and documents such as affidavits, depositions, and legal brief drafts. These responsibilities carry with them enormous weight on the smooth operation of a case. A law clerk can expect to attend and successfully complete the educational requirements for the position which depend largely upon the type of future work the prospective clerk will be pursuing. Most of the law clerk positions require a bachelor’s degree followed by internship(s) prior to an actual appointment with a law firm or judge. Within a law clerk position lie many opportunities for advancement and furthering education to acquire a law degree and quite possibly practice law as an attorney in the future. The possibilities of such future employment are seemingly endless. The average salary for a law clerk is $25,000 at an entry level position. For an experienced law clerk, wages can be expected at approximately $43,000 per year. For students who are interested in a career in law, a law clerk position may be precisely the job that opens doors to future career success.

What was the minimum number of States that were needed to approve the 18th Amendment in order for it to become law?


What kind of internship is needed to become a lawyer?

Law firm; courtroom would be great starts

What kind of job does a law clerk have?

A law clerk is a person who does researches and analyses the law for solicitors. They also store away files and legal documents, fill out pleadings, petitions and other documents.

What was Uriah Heep's profession?

Law clerk

What is a admisssion clerk?

An admissions clerk checks all verifications needed for applicant to advance to the next level of entry.

What kind of prior experience is needed to become a lawyer?

None. You have to have a law degree and pass the bar exam.

What was Charles Dickens job in 1827?

He was a law clerk.

What is the legal property distance for a basketball hoop from a neighbors yard?

That type of matter is governed locally. You need to contact your town clerk for the law in your town.That type of matter is governed locally. You need to contact your town clerk for the law in your town.That type of matter is governed locally. You need to contact your town clerk for the law in your town.That type of matter is governed locally. You need to contact your town clerk for the law in your town.

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