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What is needed to switch from CFC to CFC-free AC on a 1993 Chevy 1500?


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2011-09-13 17:11:53
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It is HIGHLY (especially in California - $10,000 fine if I recall correctly) illegal to release the old R-12 ("Freon") into the air, so you should take your vehicle to a licensed auto air conditioning shop for this changeover. They will pump the old "Freon" out, replace the dryer and put the correct amount of new R-134a and oil into your system. If the system has not been operating perfectly, or the compressor has a lot of miles on it (if so, you should have a new compressor installed), any service it needs, such as having leaky hoses replaced, done at this time.

AnswerWhere I live, we can go to the local K-Mart (or most any store) and buy akit that has everything you need with instructions for about $25.00 or so.If you've never done anything like adding R-12 then you should let someonethat has help you. It's not hard, it is just easyer if you know someonethat has done it before. If it were very hard, . . . K-Mart, etc. wouldn'tbe selling kits like that to the general public. As for pumping out the R-12, most people only convert over to R-134a because their A/C don't workanymore because the Freon has leaked out and R-12 cost so much now-a-days. I've bought many a cans for 65 cents a can and now it cost around $40.00 a can, plus laws have been passed so you need a license just to buy it. R-134a cost about $4.00 a can and anyone can buy it. At Auto Supply Stores,you can also buy FREEZE 12 AUTOMOTIVE REFRIGERANT NON-FLAMMABLE/NO CFC's,that replaces R-12 for about $6.00 a can. I've seen this sort of Freon on the web and anyone can order it (do a search). I've used all of this stuffand never had any problems. I did have someone show me how it's done, "first".

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