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Q: What is needed to travel to Mexico and return?
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When is a passport needed to return from Mexico?


What is needed to travel to England from Mexico?

You only need a valid passport.

Why a cold air return is needed in a furnace?

A cold air return is similar to a return air grille, which is needed for air to travel to the furnace to be filtered, heated OR cooled and then recirculated.

What special requirements are needed for a felon to travel to Mexico?

None other than the passport.

What is needed to get back into the us from Mexico?

I personally would recommend a good travel agent.

Do you need a valid passport to travel from the us to Mexico?

If you intent to return to the United States, yes you do.

Can a Mexican from Mexico travel to Italy?

Yes, as long as he/she has a valid passport and can corroborate reason of visit, staying time and the means to return to Mexico (i.e. a valid reservation and return ticket).

What kind of passport is needed to travel to Mexico city?

Any kind, as long as it is a valid passport.

Your perminent residence card is expired but you need to travel to Mexico can you still travel to Mexico?

As long as you have an American passport, you can enter Mexico. Problem is on your way back to the US. Without a valid proof of citizenship, you will not be abe to return to US soil.

Do you need a visa to travel to Mexico from US?

It you are an American citizen, you don't need any document besides your passport, which is actually needed for your return into the United States. If you are not American and are reaching Mexico through the United States, you would need the American visa to enter Mexico; then you will have to request a Mexican visa that can be provided on the spot by the immigration agents.

Can you travel to Mexico with an assault charge?

Unless you are released on bail and/or have court imposed travel restrictions placed on your movements, yes. Make sure you return for your court appearance.

Can someone travel to Europe if they are an illegal person from Mexico?

Brother of Syrian nationality moved to Turkey systematically and then go to Greece smuggling, and now he wants to return to Turkey Do you accept Turkey or return to Greece How can he move to Mexico and how much will you pay?

Do Mexicans that live in the US with permanent residence status require a passport to return to the US via ground travel from Mexico?


What does regresar a Mexico mean in spanish?

To return to Mexico.

Do you need a passport to travel into Mexico in the year 2017?

If you are a resident of the US, you need a passport to travel to ANY other nation and to return to the US.

Do you have to have a passport to leave Mobile Alabama to go on cruise to Mexico?

Yes you need a valid passport to travel anywhere outside the US and return.

What ID is needed to travel to Mexico from US?

Your passport would be the best document to bring with you when you travel to Mexico from the US; either to board a plane (which will be required, actually) or when driving or walking into Mexico. It isn't as important to enter Mexico -- because it will not be asked for by Mexican immigration officers -- but it will become paramount went returning back to the United States.

What vaccinations or immunizations are needed for travel to Zambia?

What vaccinations are needed for travel to Zambia?

Is traveling form rochester ny to Mexico considered international travel?

If you mean NEW Mexico, no; it would be a domestic travel. If you mean Mexico the country, yes, it would be international travel.

Do you need a passport to travel to Laredo Mexico?

If you live in Mexico then no.

How many degrees of camshaft rotation are needed for a piston to travel from tdc to BDC and return to tdc?

A camshaft would travel 180 deg for every 360 that the crank turns.

Do children need passports to travel to Mexico?

To travel to Mexico from the United States by land or by sea, no passport is required. Traveling by air has its own requirements imposed by the FAA: you should check with your air carrier. Children under 16 need only show a birth certificate or copy of a birth certificate to return to the US from Mexico.

Can you return a new travel trailer after purchase?

Retailers have their own return policies. You will have to contact the person/company that sold the travel trailer to you to find out if you can return it.

Is travel to Mexico considered international travel?

From the US? Yes it is, if your destination is Mexico (capital: Mexico City), the country which lies south of the United States. If you mean New Mexico (capital: Santa Fe), that would be considered as domestic travel.

Do you need a vacnation to travel to Mexico?