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What is net pay on a pay slip?


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The amount you take home. Net pay is the gross pay less all deductions.


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Your total hours worked, the gross pay, the deductions (federal taxes, insurance, FICA) and your net pay. The pay slip also might include your total wages for the year both in gross and net figures.

True Slip and Net Slip are the same thing. We typically use the term "Net Slip" for the slip vector on a fault that describes the magnitude (length) and orientation (trend and plunge) of a line between two formerly adjacent points.

Pay In SlipPay in slip refers to to a slip issued by the bank to he payee who deposits the money in bank and receives a pay in slip in return as a proof or record of the deposition of money in the bank by depositor.Pay In Slip is a slip through which a person can deposit his money or cheque in his bank account. It is also called as Deposit Slip.

Your net pay is what you get after you take out all of your expenses like taxes and insurance.My net pay is lower than yours.Taxes are based on your net pay.What will my net pay be on the new job?

Gross pay is almost always greater than net pay, as net pay is after taxes, benefits, etc. Gross pay is what the company tells you that they will pay you. Net pay is what you actually take home.

If looking at your pay stubs, you gross pay represents your total pay before taxes. The net pay is your pay after taxes.

are garnishments calculated by gross pay or net pay

This information will be on your pay slip. Its should tell you what you earned for the period, and what they took for ni contributions and for tax. What's left is your net pay. If in doubt ring the inland revenue and check

No, net pay is your take home pay after taxes and other deductions

Generally, take home pay is net pay.

iitz a slip through which aperson can deposit his money or check in his bank account

It is taxes and benefits.Gross pay - taxes + benefits = net pay.

Since the economy had been doing badly, his net pay had dropped. His net pay was much less than his gross pay.

Gross pay is pay before taxes have been deducted were net pay is after taxes.

well you people cant give full fledge information about anything in detail. so , in short pay in slip refers to to a slip issued by the bank to he payee who deposits the money in bank and receives a pay in slip in return as a proof or record of the deposition of money in the bank by depositor.

If you take gross pay and take out taxes and fees you are left with net pay.

No you do not get taxed on your net take home pay.

Pay-In-Slip is a bank record which he customer has to fill in before depositing the cash into bank .It is a source document .

Net pay is what remains from gross pay after all deductions, such as tax, have been made. It is your 'take home' pay.

gross pay: the amount made before taxesnet pay: the amount after subtracting taxes and benefit from your gross pay

Net pay is what you take home after all deductions.

i want to print out my post ume slip of university of ilorin

No ... Net pay is what you get to take home after taxes. Gross pay is your salary before taxes.

A pay slip is the paper that is usually attached to a person's pay check. It shows the earnings and taxes taken out of the pay check. It also shows earnings and taxes taken out year-to-date.

The wages you earn are your gross pay. After taxes and everything else is removed from your paycheck, what remains is your net pay.

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