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What is neurology?

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Neurology is a branch of medicine dealing with disorders of the nervous system. Medical professionals (such as Biomedical Doctors and Physicians) specializing in the field of neurology are called neurologists and are trained to diagnose, treat, and manage patients with neurological disorders. Most neurologists are trained to treat and diagnose adults with neurological disorders. Pediatric neurologists, nearly always a subspecialty of pediatrics, treat neurological disease in children. Neurologists may also be involved in clinical research, clinical trials, as well as basic research and translational research.

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What part of speech is neurology?

Neurology is a noun.

What is a good sentence with the word with neurology?

Here are some sentences.Neurology is the study of nerves.He is in the neurology department.

What is the best book in neurology?

Adam and Victor Neurology 9th Edition Queen square textbook of neurology 2010

When was Experimental Neurology created?

Experimental Neurology was created in 1959.

Is neurology the study of bones nerves or muscles?

Neurology is the study of brains and nerves. Neurology is the study of nerves as it is to do with the nervous system.

Would you please demonstrate the use of the word 'neurology'?

That dude back at triage said that this looked like a job for the neurology department. Neurology is branch of medical science. The victim of a stroke may require an assessment from someone down in neurology.

What is the employment outlook for neurology?

Neurology is great if you are looking at be a resident in it....Neurology research as a scientist depeds on the economic issues and also on funding...

How can you make a sentence using the word neurology?

neurology is very complex and difficult subject to learn. Brain is studied under Neurology.

What is the plural form of neurology?

There is no plural: neurology is a field of medicine, not a countable noun.

When was The Journal of Comparative Neurology created?

The Journal of Comparative Neurology was created in 1891.

When was UCL Institute of Neurology created?

UCL Institute of Neurology was created in 1950.

Are there courses for assistants in neurology job?

Most neurology assistant jobs are found in Universities. Therefore your courses or pre-reqs would be your neurology courses.

What is the Greek word for neurology?

neurology is originally a greek word. its νευρολογία (nevrologia) in greek letters.

What kind of school programs are available for neurology?

Neurology is a common major in most colleges. The website: provides common schools that offer neurology for undergraduates.

Neurology is the study of?

Neurology is the study of Central Nervous system including the nerves of the spinal cord and brain.

How do you use the word neurology in a sentence?

A medical specialty dealing with disorders of the nervous system is called neurology.

What do a neurology treat?

Neurology deals with all the disorders related to central, peripheral, and autonomous nervous systems.

What are the differences between psychiatry and neurology?

pschology has to do with your brain and the way you work and neurology deals with the nerves in your body

What has the author John Gilroy written?

John Gilroy has written: 'Basic neurology' -- subject(s): Neurology

What has the author Abe Bert Baker written?

Abe Bert Baker has written: 'Clinical neurology' -- subject(s): Neurology 'Introduction to neuroradiology' -- subject(s): Nervous system, Radiography, Neurology

Why is it called a nervous system when from what I can see.. it has nothing to do with being nerous?

Because it deals primarily with neurology. The real question is, why is "being nervous" called "being nervous" when it has nothing to do with neurology. ^_^ its not the big deal! it deals with neurology that's why its the same kind of name + NEROUS = NEUROLOGY that's why

What is neurology the study of?


What is the study of nerves?


The study of nerves?


The study of neurology is?