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Q: What is nick jonas's IQ?
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What is the year of nick jonass birthday?

nick Jonas year is 1992

What is joe jonass nick name?

its Danger

Nick jonass weight in kilograms?


What IQ does Nick Jonas have?

Nick Jonas has an IQ of 116. Nick Jonas has an IQ of 115.

When is nick jonass birthday?

Nick Jonas's birthday is September 16th 1992

What is nick jonass fullname?

Nicholas Jerry Jonas

What the name of nick jonass guitar?

Gibson SG

What is Nick Jonas IQ?

nick Jonas's IQ is 115

Nick jonass full name?

Nicholas Jerry Jonas

What is nick jonass favorite place to be?

Hopefuly not singing on a stage :(

Who is nick jonass favorite Jersey Shore person?


What is nick jonass girlfriends name?

nick Jonas' girlfriend is Selena Gomez!!!!!!

What is nick jonass favorite food?

well im not excatly shure but it said on the internet that it was steak

Where is nick jonass hometown name in NJ?

Yes and no because he was born in Texas but now he lives in NJ.

What is the Jonas brothers IQ?

Nick Jonas has an IQ of 109. Joe Jonas has an IQ of 127. Kevin Jonas has an IQ of 127 also.

What is nick jonass fav color?

pink inon of da shows he says "REAL MEN WEAR PINK"

Nick Jonas' IQ is?


Will Nick Jonas date Hayli Lynn Millea?

i hope so because i am hayli Lynn millea. and nick jonass number one fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no he wont he is already dating demi levito haahhahHA

What is joes jonas's favorite coler?

Joe Jonass favroit color is RedJoe Jonass favroit color is RedJoe Jonass favroit color is RedJoe Jonas' favorite color is blue

What is joe jonass phone?

i phone

What is joe jonass room color?

he shares his room with nick Jonas and plus sleeps on king size bed but i don't know his room colour in ym opinion its silver or gray

What is joe jonass star sign?


Kevin jonass weight in kilograms?


Who was jonass friend in the book The Giver?


What is joe jonass problem?

nothing what is wrong with you