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Rats of NIMH

What is nicodemus's story he tells mrs frisby in Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH?


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Nicodemus tell Mrs Frisby the story of how he and the rest of the rats are so intelligent and of how he escaped from NIMH

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At first, he tells her to "wrap Timothy up and do the best that you can" but then she tells him that her name is Mrs. Frisby, widow of Jonathan Frisby, and then he says, "Go to the rats. Remember these two names: Nicodemus and Justin. they shall move your house to the lee of the stone."

She tells them the whole story because she wanted to let them know who all these people were that were moving her house

Mrs. Frisby tells her children the truth about their father because it would be unfair for them to know that they were different from other mice.

Mrs. Frisby gets trapped by a little boy and is put in a birdcage when the child's family eats dinner they talk about a rat exterminator an Mrs. Frisby listens to the whole conversation then Justin goes to save her and brought tools with him to make it look like she got out herself when they were out of the house Mrs. Frisby tells him about the exterminator

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