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non marine insurance is insurance that is incidental from risk of navigation of the sea or to a voyage by sea

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Q: What is non marine re-insurance?
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What is Outward Reinsurance?

Reinsurance ceded by an insurer or re-insurer as opposed to inwards reinsurance which is reinsurance accepted.

Is siltstone marine or non marine?


When was Global Reinsurance created?

Global Reinsurance was created in 1990.

When was Reinsurance Group of America created?

Reinsurance Group of America was created in 1973.

What is the population of Reinsurance Group of America?

Reinsurance Group of America's population is 1,655.

What is Reinsurance Group of America's population?

The population of Reinsurance Group of America is 2,011.

Who are the buyers of reinsurance?

*Direct insurance company *Captive insurance company *Reinsurer However, there are no clear separation between buyers and sellers in reinsurance. Insurance company maybe a buyer (outward reinsurance) and a seller (inward reinsurance)

What is Reinsurance clauses LGT 397?

This is a reinsurance wording clause commonly used in Liability treaty reinsurance. It excludes coverage for liabilities arising in the USA or Canada, but provides a limited write-back of coverage for certain products liability/public liability/employers liability and (in the case of the latest version of LGT 397) personal liability where such coverage is incidental to the underlying policy. - The reason for that is the widespread endeavour to immunize non-US-related reinsurance treaties against US-jurisdiction.

What is a Tent Plan Reinsurance?

Tent Plan Reinsurance is a form of treaty reinsurance that covers multiple lines of business and is based on a non proportional / Excess of Loss basis. Similar to an umbrella, but attaching at the frequency level. This makes sense to insurers, that have many smaller lines of business which would be too uneconomical for a normal and seperate XoL structure. For example: Insurer A writes some Fire, Engineering, Personal Accident, Marine and Surety business. In order to protect from large losses, the company could buy one XoL for instance 450k USD in excess of 150k USD for all these lines of business.

Who is Insured in case of Reinsurance?

Reinsurance may be purchased by an insurance company for an individual risk, a specific class of risk, or an entire book of business. In any case, the insurance company that purchases the reinsurance is the Insured. The actual policy holder(s) are unaware of the reinsurance arrangement.

What has the author Ross Phifer written?

Ross Phifer has written: 'Reinsurance fundamentals' -- subject(s): Reinsurance

Facultative reinsurance and coinsurance?

Facultative reinsurance is a form of reinsurance in which the terms, conditions, and reinsurance premium is individually negotiated between the insurer and the reinsurer. There is no obligation on the reinsurer to accept the risk or on the insurer to reinsure it if it is not considered necessary. The main differences between facultative reinsurance and coinsurance is that the policyholder has no indication that reinsurance has been arranged. In coinsurance, the coinsurers and the proportion of the risk they are covering are shown on the policy schedule. Also, coinsurance involves the splitting of the premium charged to the policyholder between the coinsurers, whereas the reinsurers charge entirely separate reinsurance premiums. Regards, Tamer Haddadin

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