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What is non mechanical wave?


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Non mechanical waves are Eletro magnetic waves. We can devide 2 waves. 1 is mechanical waves & 2 is electromagnetic waves. For example Sound is a mechanical wave & Light is an electromagnetic wave.


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It is a wave or transfer of energy that does not require a physical medium. The only type of non-mechanical wave known is electromagnetic. non-mechanical waves are composed of electric waves and magnetic waves.

yes, it is. But mechanical waves can be as well as non longitudinal!

If medium is of material then wave is said to be mechanical wave. If medium is non material such as free space, then wave is named as electromagnetic wave.

A tidal wave is a water wave so it is a mechanical wave.

Mechanical WaveLongitudinal WavePressure Wavesound wave is a longitudinal mechanical wave.answer: B. compression C. longitudinal D. mechanical

There are two types of waves, mechanical and non-mechanical waves. A mechanical wave needs some sort of medium, like an earthquake to move the water.

Yes, an ocean wave is a mechanical wave, since the water is the medium of the wave.

No, a gamma wave is not a mechanical wave. The gamma ray is considered an electromagnetic wave.

A mechanical wave travels through matter.A mechanical wave travels through matter.A mechanical wave travels through matter.A mechanical wave travels through matter.

An electromagnetic wave is not a mechanical wave.

A mechanical wave is any wave pattern that results from one or many forces. A mechanical wave can be a transverse wave, such as seen on a violin string, or a longditudinal wave, such as sound waves.

ultrasound wave is a wave due to mechanical vibration,

Mechanical wave needs a medium to travel. Examples :- Sound Wave, Seismic Wave etc.

Light wave being visible is not a mechanical wave. It means that it does not need a material medium to be propagated. Even through vacuum it can traverse. Whereas sound waves are mechanical waves. So without a material medium no propagation is possible. So sound cannot pass through vacuum. Being a non mechanical wave light wave is an electro magnetic wave. It is transverse in nature.

A mechanical wave is a wave the transfers energy through a medium If anyone know what a mechanical waves medium is add an answer to this question

a mechanical wave also called material wave is a wave that needs a medium to travel. mechanical waves cause a local uscillation of material. The oscillation of material.

Sound propagates through a longitudinal wave, a type of mechanical wave.

No, a radio wave is not a mechanical wave. A radio wave is a form of electromagnetic (EM) energy, and it does not require a medium through which to travel like a mechanical wave does. Radio waves can travel through the vacuum of space. Let's contrast that with a mechanical wave.A mechanical wave involves the transfer of mechanical energy into and through a medium. Sound waves (which travel through air) and water waves (which move through water) are mechanical waves. They cannot travel without a medium through which to move.

Mechanical wave, Surface wave, Transitional wave.

A mechanical wave is a wave that uses a medium to travel. Without a medium, it would not be able to go anywhere.

Yes, a sound wave is a mechanical wave. Sound waves need a medium (like air) to travel through. The energy of the wave, the mechanical energy, is transferred into the medium through which it is propagated.

Yes, earthquake or seismic waves are mechanical waves.

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