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when a body travels unequal displacement in equal interval of time or visa-versa,

it is said to have non-uniform velocity

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What is the difference between uniform velocity and on uniform velocity?

I assume you mean "non-uniform". "Uniform" simply means that the velocity (in this case) doesn't change.

What is varaible velocity?

Non uniform velocity is known as variable velocity.

What are the similarities between uniform and nonuniform motion?

in uniform motion velocity not changes with time but in non uniform motion velocity changes with time.

What are types of linear motion?

- Uniform Linear motion: with constant velocity. - Non Uniform Linear motion: with variable velocity.

When does a particle in motion have non-uniform velocity?

That simply means that its velocity is changing.

What is the Distinguish between uniform and non uniform motion?

In uniform motion, the velocity of the object is constant: both in magnitude and in direction. In non-uniform one or other (or both) of these will vary.

What is non-uniform circular motion?

That means that something moves in a circle, but that the velocity is not uniform.

What is difference between an object moving with uniform acceleration and an object moving with a constant velocity?

If there is acceleration (uniform or otherwise, but non-zero acceleration), the velocity changes. Constant velocity means that the velocity does not change.

What is the definition of non uniform motion in physics?

During uniform motion, velocity is constant, so there is zero acceleration. Non-uniform motion involves a change in velocity, which means there is acceleration. Accelaration is a change in velocity. A change in velocity occurs when a body slows down, speeds up, or turns (changes direction), or a combination of these.

Does a body moving with uniform acceleration have momentum?

As long as it has a non-zero velocity, it will have a non-zero momentum.

When the body will possess non uniform velocity?

When the velocity changes. And the velocity will change when the forces on an object change. For instance, some types of friction forces change as a function of velocity.

When is an object said to have uniform velocity?

It isn't. Constant velocity? Uniform velocity across a group of objects?

What is the acceleratipn of a body with uniform velocity and why?

The acceleratipn of a body with uniform velocity is zero. Acceleratipn is the time rate of change of velocity. If the velocity is uniform, then its time rate of change is zero.

What is a uniform velocity?

'Uniform velocity' means constant speed in a straight line.

What is the formula of accelation?

The change in the speed or velocity of the body is a accelation, accelation are of two types one is uniform accelation and and non uniform accelation...

What is meant by uniform and non uniform motion?

motion that is always constant [Either acceleration or deceleration that is called uniform motion......... motion that undergoes a change in velocity,either by changing speed or changing direction,,,,,that.s changes are called non uniform motion......

What type of motion is exhibited by a ball thrown up uniform or non uniform motion why?

If by motion you mean velocity it is non uniform, because the velocity is changing due the acceleration of gravity slowing it down to zero. Then at the maximum height motion is reversed and it accelerates downward back to its original speed but in the opposite direction.

Does the velocity of freely falling body remain uniform?

no..the velocity changes,whereas acceleration remains uniform no..the velocity changes,whereas acceleration remains uniform

Can uniform angular velocity has acceleration?

No, uniform angular velocity means no angular acceleration.

How do you find distance with uniform velocity time final velocity and initial velocity?

If the velocity is uniform, then the final velocity and the initial velocity are the same. Perhaps you meant to say uniform acceleration. In any event, the question needs to be stated more precisely.

What is the difference between uniform and variable velocity?

Uniform velocity is velocity unaffected by acceleration. Variable velocity is velocity affected by acceleration. Lauren "Physics above all!"

How the velocity uniform?

"Uniform velocity" means zero acceleration, that is, constant speed in a straight line.rate of change of velocity is zero

Graphs of uniform velocity?

! ! ! < ------ velocity ! ! ___________________________________________________! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !______________________________________________________ time----->

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